My love for sleep and its related products led to the creation of Huggable Comfort.

Those who know me claim I can sleep through a lot of things. And I think I would include sleep as one of my hobbies if I had the chance. And I love spending a lot of time in my bedroom.

And this is why I also like to shop for comfortable bedroom products. I had to adjust quite a bit after my kids were born, but after some months and because they also enjoy sleeping through the night, everything went back to normal.


What kind of blog is Huggable Comfort?

This is a blog that provides you with up-to-date information on the available products on the market. Huggable Comfort

I publish guides together with practical buying and maintenance tips. And also create useful unbiased reviews on different sleep/ bedroom products.

The sleep products include mattresses, body pillows, box spring, and beds.

My mission is to separate the fluff that derails decision-making for buyers.

This information will enable you to compare products and their benefits. So that you buy the right products for comfort and support.

And help me earn affiliate commissions that will pay bills and improve the site. Please read this disclaimer for more information.

Thanks in advance for your support.