Are Headboards Necessary? And Other FAQs

Now that you want a new inviting look for your bedroom, should you add new furniture? Are headboards necessary?

Well, if you have a style in mind and funds to spare, then, by all means, make that room rock!

Headboards may not be essential, but they play a big part in the transformation of many bedrooms.

A headboard can add elegance to your room and also provide good support for your pillows.

are headboards necessary

And it can prevent dirt, or oil stains from getting to your wall when you lean back.

And also provide you with space for storing your favorite bedtime items such as books and magazines.

Now, in case you’re clueless about headboards, here is a definition:

What are headboards?
Headboards are pieces of furniture made of wood or metal that attach vertically to the front parts of most beds. These headboards come in different designs that may include leather or upholstery.

Now, that you know the reason why a headboard could be necessary, how about learning a little more on this topic.

The post includes well-researched answers to some frequently asked headboard questions.

FAQs About Headboards

And they are:

Are headboards out of style?

Nope, they aren’t out of style because you can still find them in most stores that sell bedroom furniture.

Although stand-alone bed frames are quite popular, people still use headboards to make their beds stand-out.


Where can you buy them?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, you can buy headboards from stores that deal with bedroom furniture. Stores such as the Us-Mattress and e-commerce stores do sell headboards too.

Are they standard? Do they fit all bed frames?

Headboards come in different sizes from the twin to king, and some have designs that can fit two sizes. For example, you can get a headboard that fits both full and queen size frames.

are headboards necessary? assembling a headboard
CC image courtesy of deltaMike on Flickr

The best thing would be to get one in the size of your frame; understand your dimensions.

And inquire from the sellers if you aren’t sure about the headboard dimensions.

Remember, these sizes could be different if you live outside the USA.

For example, the queen size headboard is around the same size as its king counterpart in the UK.

Are headboards universal?

Headboards are universal; you can find them in many stores around the world. They can come in different sizes and names, one thing though they may not be as popular as they are in Europe or the USA.


Who invented headboards?

are headboards necessary? a good looking peacock headboard
CC image courtesy of tironasarah on Flickr

Well, it is believed that the Egyptians invented headboards.

Pharaohs back in the day loved elegance, so they made the headboards and other furniture in gold, silver, and ebony.

The Greeks were the next users, but they created these boards to cushion their bodies from cold drafts.

More elaborate designs made of iron and a combination of wood and metal became popular around the 13th to 19th century.

And the rest is history.

Can you find a bed frame with an already attached headboard?

Yes, you can find a frame with a headboard (some platform beds) if you don’t want to buy one.

Now, replacing the headboard of this type of bed frame may be a tall order. The frame may become unstable when you remove the headboard that may include the two front legs..

The best bed frame for a headboard is your standard frame that comes with predrilled holes. This type of stand-alone frame can work with or without a headboard.

Can you get a standalone headboard?

Yes, you can get a standalone headboard.

What does this mean?

are headboards necessary? A bookshelf headboard
CC image courtesy of allenjaelee on Flickr

This means a headboard that doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall; one that can work just fine without the support of your bed frame.

Now, a freestanding headboard is usually made of a sturdy material such as quality wood and looks like a bookshelf of sorts.

You can find other materials too, but most of them do feature wood as their primary material.

The good thing about this type of headboard is, you can move it with ease.

Can you attach a headboard to a box spring?

Attaching a headboard (especially a high board) may be difficult because it requires the support of a bed frame to work well.

are headboards necessary? You can use a mountable headboard for your boxspring
CC image courtesy of crazyoctopus on Flickr

If you must have a headboard for your mattress base, which in this case is a box spring on the floor, then get a mountable or freestanding headboard.

Have a look at this list of my favorite foundations if you’re planning on buying one.

A mountable headboard hangs on a wall.

And it can work as an art piece for a different room in case you want to replace it.

The freestanding headboard works as a standalone so you won’t have to worry about attaching it to your box spring.

Can a headboard work on an adjustable bed?

Yes, a headboard can work, but you’ll have to find out from the seller of your adjustable bed.

If the frame has holes for a headboard, then you’re good to go. You’ll probably have to shop for brackets that can work for this type of frame.

Make sure the brackets you choose come with enough screws/bolts and also include detailed instructions that you can follow effortlessly. The brackets should be able to work with your frame’s legs shapes.

Are headboards adjustable?

Some are adjustable; you may be able to adjust the width or height. Most manufacturers/ sellers include this feature in their headboard descriptions.

You can get headboards that can adjust to fit both full and queen size headboards. And also find some that can adjust to match the height of your mattress.

Can you get a headboard with screws/bolts?

Yes, you can get a headboard with bolts. Some sellers/manufacturers also include extra bolts that you can use on different frames. Inquire from the sellers in case you aren’t sure if the bolts come with the board.

Why does a headboard have to be against a wall?

Most people prefer a headboard against a wall because:

  • A wall can keep the headboard from wobbling if it isn’t assembled properly. The headboard will stay in place against a wall if it misses some bolts here and there.
  • A colorful/decorated headboard creates a focal point if the bed frame is placed against a plain wall; it draws attention to the room.
  • Light can be blocked out if you place a bed frame with a high headboard against the window.
  • It is a better option for feng shui practitioners.

Why is a headboard sold separately?

I believe a headboard is an accessory that’s why it’s sold separately.  It enhances a bed frame, which usually works just fine on its own.

Manufacturers sell them separately because in most cases buyers prefer to choose the headboard designs.

You get to choose a design that will match with your room décor and enhance the overall appearance instead of staying with a headboard that you don’t like.


Depending on what you like a headboard may be necessary if it can transform your bed frame or space.

A well-constructed one looks good and requires less effort to assemble. To get your ideal headboard, know your frame dimensions and find out what works for your room décor.

Get something that will not only look good but will also create a comfortable space for you and your partner.

Author: Brenda

Brenda Nadi is a proud mama, entrepreneur, and sleep blogger. She creates guides, tips, and reviews of sleep products that make comfortable environments for new buyers.

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