Bedding 101: 12 Bedclothes for Every Bedroom

bedding 101 bedclothes for every bedroom

So, you want a definition of bedding / bedclothes.

Well, these are coverings that make beds comfortable. Bedding or bedclothes usually cover the mattress and sometimes extend to the bed frames.

Now, they have a variety of functions such as:

  • They keep the bed and its owner cool or warm
  • And they keep the mattress clean; protect it against dirt and stains
  • Bedclothes make the bed and room look inviting
  • Some bedding add extra support for the sleeper    
  • And others also create smooth, soft surfaces for sleeping

This is why we need bedclothes for every bedroom.

Some of them are necessary, while others you can do without especially if you live in warm climate areas.

So, here’s a list of bedding and their definitions:

The Types of Bedding for Every Bedroom

1. Bed sheets

Bed sheets are rectangle shaped pieces of fabric that can cover different types of mattresses. These bed sheets are usually thin, and they come in different sizes.

The sheets are made of fabrics such as cotton, microfiber, linen, bamboo, and Tencel and they come either plain or printed.

Now, the two most common sheets are:

  1. Fitted sheet and
  2. Flat sheet

a) The fitted sheet is the sheet that features elastic edges, which cover the mattress completely.

It is a deep pocket sheet that extends to the height of your mattress. This is the first sheet that is tucked before the next one.

And it is:       

b) The flat sheet or the top sheet is spread after fitting the bottom sheet. This sheet is rectangular too and comes paired with the top sheet.

One thing to note is the flat sheet is in most cases longer than the fitted sheet. The fitted sheet is made to fit the mattress, so it includes a height allowance.

A set of full-sized sheets together with 2 pillowcases goes for around $30.

Get quality sheets that fit for a comfortable experience.

The most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets Andre Leon Talley

2. Pillowcases

Pillowcases are removable pillow covers made of the same fabrics that make sheets.

These cases come in different sizes too from toddler pillowcases (around 13” by 18”), King size (around 20” by 36”) to the standard size (20” by 30”).

You can also find pillowcases for body pillows like the ones featured in this body pillowcase reviews post.

And the pillowcases also feature different openings. You can find some with envelope style openings and others with zippers.

The pillowcases are either sold as sets together with bed sheets or as separate pieces. A pair sold separately goes for around $20 online.

Find out about the dimensions of your pillows before you buy pillowcases.


What happens after fitting the sheets?

Well, you fit the comforters and the rest of the covers if any.

3. Comforters

comforter is a bedding for ever bedroom
CC comforter image courtesy of Lynn Friedman on Flickr

Comforters are covers (like large pillowcases) that provide you with warmth and comfort.

These covers that are similar to duvets feature fillings made of materials such as down, cotton and polyester fibers.

You can find them in a variety of textures depending on your preference. And you can also find them in different sizes, colors, and prints that can work for your bed.

The good thing is some comforters are machine washable, so they are easy to maintain.

Others feature reversible prints that give your bed a different look when necessary.


Comforters can be sold separately or as sets featuring pillowcases or shams. The price of a good comforter for a large bed is over $40.

Choose a well-stitched comforter that keeps the filling in place.

When life gets you down, make a comforterBo Burnham

4. Duvets

Duvets function like comforters and also feature the same materials. They tend to be lighter than comforters, and most of them come in neutral colors such as white and off-white.

And just like comforters duvets can stand alone or as inserts for duvet covers.        

So, how much is a duvet?

A duvet can go for about $40 to over $80 for the one with goose down filling.

Every time I start a new piece of work, I spend a long while under the duvet thinking I can’t do itSue Townsend

5. Duvet covers

As the names suggest, these covers act like pillowcases; they cover duvets. The covers have openings for fitting the duvets.

So, what do they feature?

They feature fabrics including microfiber and cotton.

Good ones also include zippers and button for securing the duvets.

The good thing is these covers can come in different colors and designs either as single pieces or in sets that include pillowcases.

Now, besides adding elegance to your bed, these removable covers also make duvet maintenance easy.


Duvet covers cost around the same prices as duvets.

Get duvet covers that fit snugly for warmth and support.

6. Quilts/ Coverlet

bedding quilt bedclothe for every bedroom
CC quilt image courtesy of James DeMersa on Flickr

A quilt is a thin comforter. It features three layers of materials stitched together.

These materials include a batting filling of wool, down, cotton or fiber, and layers of fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

The fabrics can be sewn into patchwork designs for rustic, traditional looks. 


You can use quilts to keep warm or to cover the rest of your bedding. Remember that although they are large, most quilts do not extend to the floor.

But one good thing is most of them are machine washable.

A quilt that features patchwork design can cost around $40 in an e-commerce store. This price may include a pair of shams.

When life throws you scraps, make a quiltpicture

7. Blankets

bedding blanket bedclothe for every bedroom
CC blanket image courtesy of Emmily Hopper from Pexels

Blankets, like comforters provide you with warmth. They are made of a variety of fabrics including wool, wool blend, cotton, and microfiber. And they also come in different sizes and designs.

You can find the standard blankets made of wool, and electric blankets with soft, flexible wires that connect to the controls and plug.

You can also find weighted blankets for relaxation and wearable ones that have sleeves.

Now, standard blankets cost around $30, while electric blankets cost over $40.

Find out why you need a specific blanket before you commit to buy.

When someone loves you it’s like having a blanket all around your heartHelen Fielding

8. Bedspread

A bedspread is a large decorative cover that also covers the bed frame. The cover features cotton or microfiber fabric in different colors, patterns, and sizes.

You can use this thin cover to cover the rest of your bedding when not in use; to protect your bedding against dirt.

bedspread bedding for every bedroom
Bedspread Image by Andreas Lishcka from Pixabay

 Or you can use it together with your comforter during the cold weather or vice versa when the weather changes.

A colorful bedspread costs over $40; it may come as a set together with a pair of shams.

If you are a pet person try and get a bedspread that doesn’t wear and tear easily.

9. Bed throws

Bed throws are decorative, softer versions of blankets.

Well, besides being decorative these bedclothes can protect the rest of your bedding from dirt and stains. And they can also provide you with warmth when necessary.

Bed throws cost around $30 depending on their sizes and materials used.

Choose the right throw size for your bed because some throws are for the couch.

10. Mattress pads and toppers

I have a mattress pads post that answers most frequently asked questions and a best toppers post that includes reviews of the best toppers for a full-size bed.

11. Bed skirts

Bed skirts are decorative covers that fit below the mattresses. Most of these extend to the floor covering not only box springs but also the frame’s legs.

And like the rest of the bedding they come in different colors, designs, and sizes too.

For example, there are bed skirts that require you to lift the mattress for fitting. And there are some that wrap around your bed frame.

The latter may require less effort, but they need upholstery pins to hold the skirt in place.

Now, the skirts are usually made of fabrics such as sateen, cotton, and microfiber. These are soft, flexible fabrics that can make neat pleats and ruffles.

You can buy a bed skirt for less than and above $20 depending on the size of your bed, design, and height of the drop.

12. Bed Runners and Scarves

bed runner great for every bedroom
bed runner

You can use bed runners and scarves for decoration. These bedclothes enhance the look of your bed.

They feature the same fabrics that you can find in other beddings.


These runners come in different sizes that can work for most beds. And they have a width of around 18 inches to slightly over 20 inches.

So, how do they transform your bed?

Their designs and patterns create contrasts that sync with the rest of the bedding and add elegance to your space.

They are placed diagonally or across the bed, after the pillows and the upper fold. Some runners include matching pillowcases for a complete look.

The good thing is they are affordable; you can get a well-designed runner for $20.


What about bedding accessories?

5 Bedding Accessories that work for most beds

Bedding accessories make the bedding and mattress more comfortable.

And they are:         

a)Bed risers

Bed risers elevate bed frame legs. They look like small plant pots made of wood, bamboo, aluminum, or plastic.

And they come in neutral colors that easily blend with the colors of most beds.

Their main function besides raising the bed to the owner’s preferred height is to create underneath storage space.


Find out the weight capacity of these risers before buying because they should support your weight and that of your bed.

A set, which may include 4, 6, or 8 risers, costs around $20.

b)Sheet Fasteners

Sheet fasteners keep your sheets in place for you to enjoy a comfortable time on your bed.

Good fasteners work on different types of mattresses. They have stretchable straps that hold the sheets in place at different positions.

Most sheet fasteners feature clamps, bungees, and elastic nylon bands.

They come in different designs such as the single grippers, triangle fasteners (3-way clamps) and two-way clamps.

You can find them in sets of 2, 4, and 8, and they cost around $5 to $20.

c)Bed Bridges

Bed bridges usually convert two beds into one bed.


The bridges act as connectors, so they close the gap between two mattresses.

Most bed bridges look a little wider than yoga straps attached to some support.

They feature foam and hypoallergenic materials that blend well with your mattresses.

The bridges don’t support wide gaps they work well on small ones.

Bed bridges cost about $40.

d)Mattress grippers

gripper non-slip mat
CC image of a non-slip mat by mattbuck4950 from Flickr

Well, grippers keep the mattresses and bedding from slipping because of their compositions.

The compositions include materials such as PVC foam, which has rubberized properties.

In most cases, the grippers can either sit on the bed frames first before mattresses or on mattresses to secure toppers.

Grippers go for about $15 to slightly over $20.

e)Upholstery pins

These pins secure bedding such as covers and bed skirts in place. You can get them in packs of around 12, 50, or even 100 pins.

Good pins feature clear heads that blend with your bedding and curved structures for convenience.


Well, besides mattresses, furniture, and sleepwear, a comfortable sleeping environment will include most of these bedclothes (bedding) too.

Choose the best quality bedclothes including the hypoallergenic, organic, and well-designed pieces.

And remember, they all require maintenance to last. So, read care instructions or ask for help if you don’t know how to keep your bedding clean.

Did I list the essential ones? Please let me know in the comment section.

Featured image courtesy of Emma Swann on Flickr

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