Best Body Pillows for Sleeping (11 Reviews)

You must be tired of the biased best body pillows reviews that some online stores display.

They haven’t helped in any way. You are stuck at the ‘do I really have to go through this’ zone even though you still want one.

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So what should you do? And how will this post help?

The pillows listed in this post cater for a variety of sleeping needs. It features body pillows with lengths from 44 inches to 72 inches

You will find unbiased reviews of:

  • the best U-shaped body pillow from moonlight slumber
  • 4 memory foam body pillows that are great for back pains
  • 4 affordable body pillows
  • 1 extra long body pillow for a tall individual
  • 1 boyfriend body pillow that you can present as a gift for a friend

So, read on and find your pillow.

But if you are looking for a checklist for this type of pillows then, check out this body pillow guide. If you want reviews for the pregnancy pillows then, look at the best pregnancy pillows post.

Otherwise, let’s get started:

Remember, the right pillow as stated by University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester, NY should be adjustable and help keep your spine aligned.

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Best body pillows for side sleepers and stomach sleepers (U shaped pillow)

This best U shaped body pillow works well for most sleeping positions. The design supports your whole body including the head and back. The price may be a little on the higher side because it’s a patented brand.

This brand uses quality items and technologies in the construction process, which happens in the USA.

And the pillow is:

Moonlight Slumber – Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The Moonlight Slumber Comfort U pillow is one of the best body pillows for stomach sleeping position. This pillow that’ll keep you comfortable throughout the night also relieves back pain.

Comfort U is over 60 inches long (5 feet ) and 10 inches wide, which means it’s long enough to fit a petite or tall adult.

The pillow has an organic fabric casing that includes a quality hypoallergenic fill. It features a fluffy, soft texture that reduces pressure on your back.

And its U design enables you to change sleeping sides without moving it.

On the negative, adjusting the filling to your preference can be a problem because of the shape.

Can I use it on my queen size bed? Yes, if you are sleeping alone otherwise you will have to compromise on space. A king size bed would be the best choice for this large pillow.

The good thing is this pillow comes with a removable cotton pillowcase (white) that has an easy to use zipper. You simply wash the pillow cover before use to enjoy the benefits.

  • It includes a zippered cotton pillowcase
  • Machine-washable
  • Made in the USA
  • Hypoallergenic filling that keeps allergens and dust mites away
  • Filling does not clump
  • No chemical smell
  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • Gives you total body support
  • Anyone can use including pregnant women

  • Big, takes up quite a large space
  • Filling separates at times because it’s not evenly distributed
  • Finding extra pillowcases that fit isn’t easy

Get your U body pillow from Moonlight Slumber on Amazon

Will the U body pillow do? No, then check out the next best body pillows that can also help reduce back pains.

Best body pillows for back pains: 4 memory foam pillows

The best body pillows in this section come in shredded or solid forms. These pillows are made of polyurethane stuff and other chemicals, hence, the name memory foam.

Memory foam pillows conform to your body when in contact with the body’s heat and pressure.  And return to their original forms when not in use.

For the above reason, these pillows can be quite comfortable because they reduce the pressure on your back and spine.

On the negative, as stated by WebMD some of these pillows tend to retain heat when in contact with warm surroundings. If this happens, it is advisable to air the pillows in a cool, dry place.

Body heat may soften some of these body pillows when they become firm.

These pillows may also emit chemical odor because of their makeup. Most companies instruct buyers to air the pillows for at least 24 hours before use. The smell will end eventually after a short time.

First in the list:

1# Total Body Pillow –  Coop Home Goods

This Coop Home Goods body pillow allows you to adjust its shredded memory foam filling. You get to adjust the CertiPUR-US Certified filling to your desired thickness.

The squishy filling comes in bamboo-extracted polyester and viscose rayon casing. This cover prevents the pillow from overheating.

With a soft yet firm texture, this machine-washable pillow doesn’t flatten out. It makes a good down pillow alternative.

You don’t have to worry about allergens and dust mites with this made in the USA hypoallergenic pillow.

This Coop Home Goods body pillow measures around 54 inches long (137 cm) and 20 inches wide (51 cm). The pillow is ideal for adults with heights close to or a little more than 5 feet tall.

It is a comfortable body pillow that conforms to the body making it one of the best body pillows for side sleepers. It also works for pregnant women and any adult with back pains.

The downside is this pillow is heavy, and it occupies quite a portion of your bed.


Air the pillow (24 hrs) before use to lessen the chemical smell.

  • Hypoallergenic shredded foam that is resistant to dust mites
  • Made in USA
  • Bamboo fiber (polyester and viscose rayon) casing that is breathable
  • Pregnant-friendly
  • Machine washable pillow
  • Adjustable filling
  • Heavy
  • Filling forms lumps sometimes
  • Pillow has a chemical odor
  • Without pillowcase, although you don’t really need one

Check the current price of this Coop body pillow on


2# Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow 

If you are looking for a manipulable body pillow, then Snuggle-Pedic is the best choice for your needs. This pillow from Relief-Mart works for most sleeping positions.

Snuggle-Pedic body pillow measures around 20 inches wide (51 cm) and 54 inches long (137 cm). It is huggable and long enough to cushion your knees and back.

According to Relief-Mart, this pillow features soft and breathable bamboo-derived rayon and polyester (Kool Flow) casing. The casing contains scientifically tested shredded memory foam.

This hypoallergenic Certipur-US certified combination foam made of a low volatile organic compound is fluffy with a medium firmness.

For this reason, you can manipulate it to your preference.

The pillow’s makeup prevents it from overheating, so it stays cool and comfortable for the most part. As a result, it’s amongst the best body pillows for side and back sleepers and also pregnant women.

The good thing is Snuggle Pedic body pillow is machine washable. You wash it in cold water (gentle setting) and dry it by increasing the heat of your dryer.

On the negative, this pillow comes with a chemical odor. The odor clears after some time.


Air the pillow in a dryer to fluff it up and reduce the chemical smell.

  • Made in USA
  • Versatile
  • Made of quality casing and scientifically tested foam
  • Comfortable and squishy
  • Manipulable
  • Stays cool doesn’t overheat
  • Machine washable
  • A good support for side and back sleepers
  • Pregnant-friendly
  • 120-night sleep trial that can lead to a refund or exchange if necessary
  • 20-year warranty
  • Comes without a pillowcase
  • Lumpy at times
  • Produces a chemical odor at the beginning
  • Heavy
  • Large, require a king size bed if sharing
  • Not fully stuffed pillow

Buy your Snuggle-Pedic body pillow on Amazon

3# CustomSleeping Snuggle Full Body Pillow  

Inject comfort into your bed with this CustomSleeping cuddly body pillow.  You will feel well-rested after using this pillow that gives you total body support.

This hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant body pillow measures around 20 inches (51 cm) by 54 inches long (137 cm).

According to the CustomSleeping, this pillow includes Certipur-US certified foam. The memory foam has been cut into bits using a paper-shredder-like machine. It also features gel fiber balls that encourage airflow and give the pillow a cool texture.

The pillow’s best attribute is that it comes in a soft bamboo-derived rayon zippered casing that allows you to add or remove filling as you desire.

It has a medium-firm texture that conforms to the body and doesn’t lose shape. So, it’s an ideal body pillow for pregnant women and anyone in need of comfort.

To get the best out of this machine washable pillow:

Air it to fluff it up, and place it in a pillowcase before use.

The pillow comes with a 30-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty.

  • Made in the USA
  • 30-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty of defects (factory)
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable, cuddly and hypoallergenic
  • Zippered casing that makes filling adjustable
  • Pregnant-friendly
  • Supports different sleeping positions (back and side)
  • Conforms to body without flattening out
  • A bit heavy
  • Occupies a large space
  • Pillow may feel inadequately stuffed
  • Faint odor may be detected
  • Doesn’t come with a pillowcase

See customer reviews and price of CustomSleeping body pillow on Amazon

4# Z Gel  L-Shape Pillow for Side  Sleeping Comfort

This best L-shaped body pillow measures around 26 inches long (66.5 cm) by 26 inches. The pillow isn’t heavy so you can move it from one position to the other with ease.

It is a pillow made of squishy gel induced polyurethane (memory foam). This provides you with a comfortable head resting area and a good support for your neck and back.

Additionally, the induced gel and hypoallergenic bamboo-derived rayon and polyester zippered cover keep the pillow cool and comfortable. So you don’t have to worry about the pillow overheating at night.

These reasons make it a good body pillow for night sweaters, side sleepers, and back sleepers.

The pillow also helps reduce the discomfort brought by neck and back pains.

One way of using this pillow is to place it behind you so one section can support your back.


Air the pillow before use if you detect any odor and spot clean it when necessary.

Use warm water and a mild detergent to wash the cover and then rinse it in warm water.

  • Made in the USA
  • Comfortable and squishy
  • Offers good support, conforms to the body
  • Removable zippered cover made of breathable fabric
  • Ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers and anyone with pains on the neck, shoulder, and back
  • Easy to maintain
  • 5-year warranty
  • Chemical odour
  • The design makes it hard to find pillowcases that fit
  • The L design makes the pillow appear short, not long enough


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Best body pillows for comfort: Reviews for affordable long pillows

If you don’t want to break the bank then have a look at these affordable body pillows.

To be fair some of these pillows may include elements that are from other countries besides the USA.  This makes the pillows affordable but not necessarily long-lasting.

1# Aller-Ease Body Pillow

This well-made best Aller-Ease body pillow measures around 20 inches (51cm) by 54 inches long (137cm).

You won’t experience seam and allergy issues with this pillow. It features hypoallergenic fiber in a zippered cotton cover.

This pillow is fluffy and manipulable. It is a versatile body pillow that you can use to help reduce pain on the knee, shoulder, or back. And because this pillow isn’t quite heavy you can move from the bed to the sofa.

According to the manufacturer, this body pillow is machine washable.

Place it in a good pillowcase to reap the benefits.

  • Hypoallergenic fiber keeps allergens away
  • Zippered cotton casing/cover for easy use
  • Soft and squishy
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t come with a pillowcase
  • A bit lumpy
  • May feel inadequately stuffed

Get your Aller-Ease body pillow on

2# Ultra Soft Body Pillow – by Utopia Bedding

Interested in a large, firm body pillow?

Look no further. This best Ultra Soft body pillow from Utopia Bedding is the type you want.

The pillow measures 20 inches wide (51cm) by 54 inches long (137cm). And it includes double stitched edges that prevent seam issues.

This durable pillow features filling made of ball fiber (polyester) enclosed in a soft cotton casing.

The filling gives this pillow a soft yet firm texture that conforms to the body and aligns the spine.

It provides comfort for stomach and side sleepers and pregnant women.

You can also use it as a support after surgery.

Although heavy, this pillow is manipulatable to a certain degree. You have to air it and fluff it up before use.

  • Fully filled pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Soft yet firm for comfort
  • A good support for pregnancy and side sleepers
  • Double stitched edges and cotton casing for durability
  • Heavy
  • No pillowcase
  • Occupies a large area
  • Can get hot sometimes


Get your Utopia Bedding body pillow on 

3# Newpoint  Body Pillow

This white colored Newpoint body pillow measures around 20 inches wide (51 cm) by 54 inches long (137cm).

It is a machine washable pillow made of hypoallergenic fiber that keeps off dust mites and allergens. The fiber comes in a high thread count cotton cover for comfort.

With a fluffy yet firm texture, this pillow provides good support for different uses. You can use it on your seat, bed, and as a pregnancy pillow.

You can also wrap it as a gift for your loved one.

The downside of this pillow is it loses shape after a short period, and you’ll have to shop for a pillow cover.


  • Hypoallergenic fiber filling
  • Quality cotton casing
  • Medium firm filling for comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Pregnancy-friendly
  • Flattens after a short period of time
  • No pillowcase


Check the current price of Newpoint body pillow on

4# Aloe 99 Full Body Pillow for Adults

If you aren’t into fiber, but still want an affordable alternative, then this Aloe 99 body pillow is your best choice.

It measures around 17 inches wide (43 cm) by 46 inches long (117cm).

The pillow features shredded memory foam (made using cooling gel technology) in a zippered aloe vera and bamboo cover. These prevent the pillow from overheating so it stays cool.

The firm hypoallergenic foam molds to your body giving you support and comfort in your sleeping position.

You can use it for pregnancy, relieving pain (knee, hip, back), and after surgery.

This body pillow reduces turning and tossing episodes that side sleepers experience through the nights.

On the negative, it is heavy, and requires some hours of airing and fluffing up before use.

  • Firm and comfortable
  • Stays cool
  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Good for pregnant women and side sleepers
  • Zippered casing/cover for easy maintenance
  • Machine washable
  • Not long enough for very tall adults
  • Heavy
  • Can feel lumpy
  • Chemical odour
  • No pillowcase

Buy your Aloe 99 body pillow on Amazon

Best body pillows for tall adults: 72-inch long pillow review

Consider the best body pillow in this section if you need extra support and comfort. Remember, this pillow requires a large bed (king size) because of its length.

And the pillow is:

Phoenix Down Body Pillow

The Phoenix Down body pillow measures around 20 inches wide (51 cm) wide by 72 inches long (188 cm) for extra comfort.

This extra-long body pillow includes a hypoallergenic polyester fill that is a close texture to that of a down-filled pillow. You will enjoy the comfort of a down pillow without the allergens.

The white colored cotton casing that it comes in adds the softness you may need for comfort while sleeping.

If you are looking for a large, fluffy, and machine washable pillow, then this Phoenix pillow will do.

  • Extra-long body pillow
  • Hypoallergenic poly filling and cotton cover
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Filling a little thin
  • Doesn’t come with a pillowcase
  • Finding a pillowcase that fits isn’t easy
  • Occupies a large portion of your bed

Buy your Phoenix extra long body pillow on Amazon

Last but not least is:

This is one of the best body pillows for your girlfriend.

Boyfriend Body Pillow-Cuddle Pillow

Now, this boyfriend body pillow from Deluxe Comfort completes this list of my best body pillows.

You may be wondering:

What is a boyfriend pillow? A boyfriend pillow is a pillow that looks like a man’s upper body (Actually, half of it). It features the chest and an arm.

The arm can function as a cuddler and neck pillow.

According to Deluxe Comfort, this particular pillow includes a cotton poly and fiber filling that contours to your body. The allergy-free filling extends to the human-shaped arm for comfort.

This machine-washable boyfriend body pillow also features a removable (shirt) cover made of soft fabric. It measures around 22 inches long.


How can you use this pillow?

  • You can use it as a body pillow. Although short, it can still support your upper body including your neck.
  • Or use it as your cuddle pillow for those lonely nights. You can spray some fragrance that reminds you of that special person to make it more personal.
  • On the positive, you can flip it and use the other side. And it doesn’t talk back! Yey!
  • Or present it as a gift to your loved one (single friend) for laughs on their special day.
  • Easy to carry
  • Filling contours well
  • Comfortable and cuddly
  • Cotton fiber filling, therefore no allergies
  • Machine-washable
  • Great gag gift

Short, not long enough

See the customer reviews of this Deluxe Comfort boyfriend pillow on Amazon


All of these best body pillows suit different needs. In case you buy one then, remember to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The best thing would be to use the new pillow for a week so that you find out if it serves your needs.

Did you find your best body pillows on this list?

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