Best Cooling Mattress Toppers For Your Full-size Bed

What wouldn’t you give to reduce the sweating episodes that leave you uncomfortable through the night? Should you get a fan, new mattress or open your windows or sleep on the floor?

picture of one of the best cooling mattress toppers for a full-size bed
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Well, I suggest you get any of these cooling mattress toppers for your full-size bed.

You don’t have to replace the mattress if it’s still in good condition, instead get a topper.

I reviewed full-size toppers because they accommodate the average weight of most individuals and those who share beds too.

These toppers keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

And they are:

Summary table

Topper names Best Price Mattress topperViscoSoft gel memory foam topperLUCID down alternative topper
Materials used Infused with lavender, Certipur-US memory foam2.5” gel infused memory foam, 1.5” down alternative cover with skirt and elastic straps2” gel memory foam, 2” down alternative (100% cotton) with fitted skirt
Thickness & size 3 inches, 74 by 53combined thickness of 4 inches, 75 by 54total thickness of 4 inches, 75 by 54
Pieces 1 piece2 pieces2 pieces
Functions egg crate design for air circulation, conforms to body and minimizes motion transfercomfortable hypoallergenic cover that secures the foam, gel nfused foam keeps topper cool, conforms to body and relieves pressure point achestopper conforms to body and reduces pressure point aches, comfortable cover with skirt that extends to around 15 inches to secure the foam
Maintenance spot cleaningmachine washable covermachine washable cover
Warranty 3 years3 years, 60 days guarantee3 years

Best cooling mattress toppers for full-size bed (3 reviews)


1. Best Price Mattress full-size egg crate topper

Now, if you’re looking for a pressure relief topper then get this one from Best Price Mattress.

What do I like about this topper?

Well, besides being affordable it has an egg crate design that enables it to conform to your body. Your weight gets evenly distributed on this topper.

The design prevents it from sinking in completely when you lie down, and it allows air circulation, which makes you stay cool throughout the night. It reduces the sore episodes that leave you worn out in the morning.

And it also reduces motion transfer so that your partner can sleep comfortably.

According to the manufacturer, the mattress features Certipur-US memory foam that doesn’t contain ozone depleters. Another good thing is it comes with a 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects.


What about other features?

The topper is infused with lavender (shrub with bluish-purple flowers), which aids relaxation. The lavender smell dissipates after some days.


It measures 53 inches by 74 inches with a thickness of 3 inches. And it has a medium-firm texture for comfort.

You may find it firm when not in use because it works with the temperature of your skin. This means it gets softer when you lay on it.

Now, is this Best Price topper washable?

The topper isn’t washable, but it can be spot cleaned using a mild detergent.

The downside is it doesn’t come with a cover.

So, how do you use it?

  • You unpack it on your mattress and discard the sheet that it comes with so that it can expand to the right size.
  • Make sure your room is well ventilated; this allows the expanding process to take a shorter time.
  • Now, it may take a few hours, a day or so for best results, so be patient. You can use your bedding to cover after the process is complete.

The good thing is it works with foam mattresses.

Buy this Best Price Mattress egg crate topper on Amazon if it’s the right one for you.

  • Features Certipur-US memory foam that conforms to your body
  • Includes an egg crate design for pressure relief and reduced motion transfer
  • Includes a lavender induced smell for relaxation
  • Affordable             
  • Comes with a warranty for manufacturer defects
  • The lavender smell can be overwhelming


2. ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper

Now, this mattress topper creates a soft surface on your firm mattress. It can give the mattress that plush-feel for extra comfort and airy texture that keeps you cool throughout the night.

So, what does this ViscoSoft mattress topper feature?

Well, this made in the USA mattress topper features gel-infused Certipur-US memory foam, fluffy down alternative and a 300 thread count sateen cotton pillow top cover. It also includes a skirt and elastic straps for securing the foam.

The good thing is the cover has hypoallergenic properties; it won’t cause allergic reactions. And its machine washable, which means it’s easy to maintain.

Now, what about its size?

The mattress topper measures 75 inches by 54 inches with a thickness of 4 inches.

The 4-inch thickness includes 2.5 inches of gel infused memory foam and 1.5 fluffy down alternative, which is in the cover.

So, why do I like this cover?

Well, besides the mentioned reasons, this topper reduces motion transfer too, and it works with most mattresses. And it comes with a 60 days guarantee, so you get to test this topper and return it if you aren’t impressed.

Please contact the seller about the return process and policy.                      

It also comes with a 3-year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Now, the downside is, like most toppers this one doesn’t fix your sagging mattress issue. And it isn’t as affordable as the first one because of its contents and construction.

The best way to fix the sagging issue is to save and buy a new one.

You can check the mattress checklist for disposal information and my best mattresses for a variety of mattresses that can work with your budget.


How would you use this ViscoSoft gel topper?

The topper comes in two separate pieces, namely the gel infused memory foam and the quilted cover.

  • Unpack when you receive the pieces.
  • Unroll the foam and allow it to expand for 24-48 hours before use.
  • Do the same to the cover and secure the foam with the cover’s straps before you fit it over the foam.
  • Fit the cover properly and then extend the skirt over your mattress and tuck it underneath when you’re done.
  • You can then fit your bedding and make the bed ready for use.

One thing to note is, after decompression the topper doesn’t fold easily so traveling with it would be difficult.

You can refresh the topper by rotating the foam after a few months of use.             

If a topper with a cover is what you want then buy this ViscoSoft gel memory foam topper on Amazon.

  • Gel-infused Certipur-US memory foam for a cool texture
  • Topper cover includes down alternative with breathability and hypoallergenic properties
  • Machine washable cover that creates a soft surface
  • Includes elastic straps that secure the foam from slipping
  • Made in America    
  • Quality construction keeps the construction in shape

  • The topper price is on the higher side
  • May feel too soft


3. LUCID down alternative and gel memory foam topper

Now, this is another topper that comes in two pieces. The good thing is you can use the pieces together or separate depending on your preference.

I chose this LUCID topper because it comes from a more popular brand from the sleep industry.

The other choices work just fine.       

And because you can interchange the pieces if you don’t need all of them at the same time.


What does this LUCID topper feature?

As I mentioned earlier the topper comes in two pieces. One piece (2 inches) is made of down alternative materials that include 100 % cotton.

The second piece (2 inches) is a layer of gel memory foam.

The down alternative piece looks like a mattress pad; it also features a fitting sheet/ skirt.

When both pieces are combined, they give a total of 4 inches.

What is this LUCID topper Dimensions?         

The topper measures 75 inches by 54 inches with a combined height of 4 inches.

Why do I like this topper?

Well, according to LUCID this topper’s materials are hypoallergenic so they can work for most people.

The gel memory foam contours and relieves pressure point aches. And it also regulates the body temperature, while the down alternative makes a hard mattress comfortable.

And the skirt that can extend to around 15 inches of depth secures the foam properly. This down alternative piece is machine washable.

And although it’s manufactured in China, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

So, how would you use it?

You’ll have to cut the package carefully; remember it should feature the two pieces.

Allow the gel memory foam topper to expand in a well-ventilated space. The topper, which comes compressed, should take around 48 hours for best results.

After the 48 hours, you can place it on your bed and then fit the down-alternative pad. Fit the skirt well by tucking it under your mattress so that it can secure the foam.

And then fit your sheet and other bedding.

You can also opt to use either of the two alone if you prefer it to the other.

So, buy this LUCID gel memory foam and down alternative topper from Amazon if it fits your preferences.

• 4 inches of comfort
• Comes in two pieces for two different experiences
• The topper contours to your body and regulates the temperature
• Topper features hypoallergenic materials that reduce allergic reactions
• The down alternative layer is machine washable and dryer safe
• Topper has a 3 year warranty
May come with a foam smell that usually dissipates after some time

Toppers and heat

Now, it is safe to mention that most toppers made of memory foam may feel hot after some time. This is because of their reaction to body heat.

Toppers with egg crate designs and those induced with gel tend to stay cooler for longer because they allow air circulation.

Some of their counterparts absorb heat, and that’s why they become uncomfortable when in use.

So, how can you keep these toppers cool?

You can use breathable sheets that keep the surface cool; cotton, linen, or Tencel sheets work well.

And keep your room is well-ventilated so that your topper can stay cool.


Are toppers worth it?

best cooling toppers for a full-size bed

Like mattress pads, good toppers create comfortable surfaces on hard and soft mattresses, so yes, they are worth it.

They create soft and firm surfaces for different needs.

For example, the toppers mentioned in this post stay cool, which means they work well for night sweaters.

Some toppers also relieve pressure point aches because they conform to bodies, while others minimize motion transfer.

Are mattress toppers good for your back?

The right mattress topper can work for your back.

But, remember a topper can’t work alone so don’t expect it to do well on a sagging mattress. Your mattress should be ok for the topper to work.

Unlike your pillow, your mattress topper needs the support of a good mattress and a sturdy base.

What about toxicity levels?

There have been concerns about the toxic levels of foam toppers because of their compositions.

Most foam toppers tend to come with some chemical smells that irritate buyers.

The truth is these doubts will still exist unless the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)decides otherwise.

But there are organizations in the USA that test these foam products before they get to the market.

Some manufacturers get their foam certified for use by the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam organization. These manufacturers get the Certipur-US certification for their foam products.

The certification means that their products are without ozone depleters and other compounds that may be harmful to humans and the environment.

Other manufacturers do the testing in their factories.                           

The best thing would be to find out about the composition of the topper from the seller if it isn’t mentioned in the description.


What should you consider before buying a cooling topper?

You should consider:

  1. The topper’s function

You are probably wondering why I chose this point, and yet the post tells it all. Well, I believe we tend to forget why we buy certain things.

You should find out why you need a topper and ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need a cooling topper that can work for my back too? Or do I need a cooling topper that not only stays cool but also softens the surface?

Well, you may get a topper that can perform all these functions or get one that can only make your bed surface cool.

After you have understood your needs, read reviews, and then buy the topper of your choice.

  • Price of topper

Cooling toppers come at different prices. You can opt for a cheaper one below $30 or go for one over $50 or $100.

The prices depend on a variety of factors, one being their compositions and where they are manufactured.

China made toppers tend to be cheaper than those made in the USA. But this doesn’t mean they don’t work well.

What I have learned that buyers don’t like thin toppers (below 2 inches). Now, most toppers that have more than the said inches tend to be over $50.

  • Size of the topper

The topper should be the same size as your full-size mattress for best results. Measure your mattress properly before you buy the topper.

And ask for the right dimensions from the seller if you don’t find them in the topper’s description.

You should also find out if the topper can work on your mattress.

Well, let me help you answer this question if you haven’t figured it out from reading this post.

Should the topper go under your sheets?

Yes, it should. You place the topper before fitting the mattress pad (if you have one) and the sheets.

Find out from the manufacturer if you can use your electric bedding on your topper for your peace of mind. 


You may have found out that the toppers mentioned in this post feature foam. This is because memory foam is amongst the popular materials used for making these products.

I hope you have found the right one amongst the cooling toppers that are in this post.

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