Best Foundation For Your Full-size Mattress

Have you found the best foundation for your full-size mattress?

Your previous foundation was a noisy, uncomfortable disappointment that was difficult to put together.

best foundation for your full-size mattres
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So, you want a sturdy, noiseless one this time around; an affordable foundation that is easy to assemble.

I remember when I got my first one made of wood, which started creaking after a few weeks of use.

I guess it was of low quality because it finally gave in after a few months.

So I decided to get a metal one, and it worked just fine. My partner and I sleep comfortably now without the noises.

Now, this doesn’t mean that wooden foundations aren’t great, they are, I didn’t make the right choice at the time.

And this is why I made this post that features reviews of three metal foundations (box springs) that work well and fit your budget.

I carried out some research and also included my experiences with these types of foundations.

These foundations can work for most mattresses including the ones mentioned in this blog.

The foundations can work on the floor, but they give the best results on frames.

Have a look at the comparison post that I published some days ago on two good bed frames if you’re interested, otherwise let’s carry on.

And the foundations are:

Best Foundations For Full-size Mattresses

I have categorized the foundations under three points, affordability, construction and ease of use. These points influenced my choice of foundation.



Best Choice Products Full-size Foundation

Now, if you’re looking for an affordable foundation, then this Best Choice one is the right one for you.

The foundation measures around 55 inches long by 10 inches wide with a height of 9 inches. And a weight capacity of 770lbs, which means it, can support you, your partner and your mattress if you aren’t overweight.

It is made of lightweight sturdy metal that supports your mattress well. And although the assembling process may require some time, it’s not difficult. You can move the foundation with ease.

One good thing is it has a good height for a base. So you can use it on the floor if that’s where you want your mattress to sit. And it comes with a removable cover for easy maintenance.

You can head over to Amazon to check this Best Choice Foundation price if you feel it will work for your needs.


  • A Lightweight foundation that is easy to move
  • It has a good height for a mattress base
  • Features a removable, washable cover for easy maintenance
  • Affordable


  • May take some time to assemble

2.Heavy-duty construction:

Ultimate Dreams Simple Life Full-size Foundation

This one is the most expensive in my list and for good reason: it features heavy-duty steel bars for a sturdy structure.

The foundation has a good height of around 8 inches that creates a good support for your foam mattress. It also features a cotton/polyester cover that helps keep your mattress leveled.

Your mattress texture and firmness stays the same while on this foundation. And you can place it on the floor if that’s your preference.

Just make sure you set it up properly as per the instructions so that you create a noiseless environment. This foundation can get squeaky at times.


What I like most about this Leggett Platt foundation is it comes folded and fully assembled. So you can move it with ease and even take it up the stairs without worrying about the corners of your space.

You unfold it and set it up ready for use.

You can contact the manufacturers for more information.

So if you have saved some funds buy this Ultimate Dreams Simple Life full-size foundation on Amazon.


  • Made of heavy-duty steel bars for durability
  • No assembling required/ easy to set up
  • Features a structure that can work for most mattresses
  • Foldable, which makes it easy to move


  • Not cheap
  • Can be squeaky sometimes

3.Easy to carry/ transport

Mainstay Half-fold full-size foundation

This is an alternative to the traditional box spring.


Well, this Mainstay Half-fold foundation is foldable so you can carry and store it at your convenience.

According to Mainstay, this foundation measures around 74 inches long by 53 inches wide with a height of 7.5 inches.

And it measures around 53 inches by 44.14 inches and 4.17 inches when folded.

The foundation is made of steel, which we know is a durable product and it also includes a zippered cover for comfort.

What I like most about this foundation besides it affordability is it comes assembled. You don’t need tools for this one.

You’ll carry and then unfold it on your desired spot; it has hinges that make the whole process last a couple of minutes.

Take care of the cover though, try to fit it gently. Remember the corners of the foundation can easily pop out of the cover if you fit it in a hurry.

So, set it up as per the instructions and enjoy. Place it on your full-size bed frame and create that height that you’ve always wanted for your bed. Or use it to keep your mattress off the floor.

Check out the customer reviews for this Mainstay Half-fold full-size foundation on Amazon.


  • Doesn’t require assembling so it’s easy to set up
  • Comes in a foldable design that makes transporting and storing easy
  • Includes a cover for comfort
  • Made of steel for durability


  • The cover needs extra care during fitting as it can tear easily


We have found out that these foundations not only work on frames and platform beds but also on the floor. So, you can get one even if you don’t have a bed frame.

Here’s a list of some of the things you should consider before buying:

Factors to consider before buying the full-size foundation


best foundation for your full-size mattress
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You can tell from the list that there are some cheap foundations. So you must get one that will fit your budget.

Good long lasting foundations are usually over $60.

Just remember that the price may go up when you include shipping charges if you’ll buy it online.

The weight of the foundation

This one shouldn’t be ignored. Try to get the weight capacity before you commit to buy if it’s not mentioned in the description. Your foundation should be able to support your mattress and your weight.

And its weight should at a range that can be supported by your frame.

Foundation assembling

Not all foundations come assembled so find out from the description or inquire from the sellers.

A good foundation will come with a manual of sorts with detailed instructions or illustrations on the assembling process.

It may also include the right number of bolts and screws for the whole process.

Size of foundation

My list features full-size foundations that fit full-size bed frames and mattresses. This means you have to understand the dimensions of your mattress.  You have to get a foundation that fits just right.

Try to inquire from the sellers in case you aren’t sure of the size. Most sellers in the USA provide the dimensions in inches.

You should also learn about the package dimensions for your foldable foundation that has to be transported elsewhere.

Type of Mattress

Yes, you should also find out if your ideal foundation can support your mattress.

mattress that you can place on the best foundation for your full-size mattress
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And this is because not all foundations support foam mattresses, which are quite popular.

These mattresses tend to sag when placed on some foundations.

Shipping, return policy and warranty

You should inquire about the shipping process from the online store.

You have to learn:

  • If the foundation can be shipped to your location
  • About the shipping charges
  • How long it will take to receive your foundation
  • About the packaging details and dimensions of the product in that state.

You should also understand the return policy; learn if you can get a refund in case things don’t go well.

Now, some sellers include the warranties in their product descriptions. And others don’t have warranties for products they consider cheap.


I have always had reservations about placing permanent mattresses on the floor without bases. I believe besides reducing your mattress’s lifespan, it also makes your room look tacky.

And this is why I created this post that you can check out on bed frames and foundations. It expounds on the importance of bases.

You can get one of the foundations in this post for your bed frame or mattress in case you enjoy sleeping on the floor.

It may be hard to attach a headboard if your foundation is on the floor, but you can get one that mounts on the wall to add elegance to your space.

You can always get a bunkie board as an alternative. One thing to note about this type of board is it requires a base to work well. You can read this bunkie board post for more information.

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