3 Best Pillows For Reading in Bed

You are done with propping pillows up to support your back while reading in bed.

What you need is a pillow that won’t keep moving every time, one that’ll keep your posture upright.

Using one of the best pillows for reading in bed
CC image courtesy of Joe St.Pierre on Flickr

And this is why I came up with this post that features the best pillows for reading in bed because I have been in the same situation.

These sitting pillows include 2 husband pillows and a wedge pillow. They not only support your back but they also stay in place for the most part.

The pillows are great for reading, watching tv and for also working on the laptop. I consider husband pillows as body pillows because of their sizes and huggable attributes.

And they are:

  1. Arlee husband pillow for tall adults
  2. mittaGonG backrest reading pillow that works for most adults and kids
  3. Wedge pillow for your bed by Xtra-Comfort

Now, let’s review each pillow.

Arlee husband pillow for tall adults

This one works well for tall adults because it has a height of around 20 inches. And because it’s big, it supports your arms, shoulders and back well.

One good thing about this Arlee husband pillow is it has a polyester filling. The filling is combined with polyester fiber from reprocessed plastic bottles for a firm, sturdy texture.

And so it’s a good alternative for memory foam filling.

It conforms to your body and goes back to its original shape when not in use. The pillow also features a comfortable soft polyester cover, which requires some spot cleaning when necessary.

You can prop it against your headboard or even the wall depending on your preference. And besides reading and watching tv, you can also use it for sit sleeping.

One thing to remember though, this pillow needs space so consider the size of your bed if you’re sharing. It occupies a large space.

If you think it’s a good fit then, click here to buy it from Amazon.

According to the manufacturer, the pillow is made in the USA and also out of the country.


  • Good height for tall individuals
  • Features polyester filling for a firm support and soft polyester cover that is easy to maintain
  • Great for reading, watching tv and even sleeping in a sitting position


  • Stuffing may be too firm
  • Occupies a big space

Now, if polyester isn’t your thing, then this next pillow will do.

mittaGonG backrest reading pillow

This mittaGonG pillow features shredded foam and a soft removable velvet cover that includes a discreet zipper for easy on and off.

It is a heavy pillow that gives your back and arms that firm support when sitting. You can prop it up against the wall on the bed when reading and on the floor.

And you can also position it on your favorite chair without it losing its shape.

It measures around 20 inches high with a width of around 12 inches, which isn’t bad for most adults. And each of the arms measures 12 inches long.

What I like about this pillow beside the removable cover is it has a handle for convenience when moving. And it also includes a side pocket in one arm that can store a remote control and some cards.

One thing though, you’ll have to air it out before use because it comes in a compressed state. This will allow it to expand and dissipate any smell.

You can take a look at its current price here in Amazon.

 The mittaGonG is a husband pillow made in China.


  • Firm support for the back and arms
  • Soft, removable cover for easy on and off
  • Side pocket for storing remote controls and cards
  • Handle for convenience when moving to your desired position


  • Heavy
  • May feel very firm

Well, besides the husband pillows you can also use a wedge pillow for reading in bed.

The pillow doesn’t have arms, but it provides you with the necessary support for the upright position.


Wedge pillow for bed by Xtra-Comfort

Now, this wedge pillow is somewhat different from the standard wedge pillow.


Well, because it features a small wedge pillow attached (Velcro straps) to a big wedge pillow. The design makes it work well for the head, legs, and back support.

It measures around 22 inches wide by 12 inches high, which makes it ideal for most adults. You’ll have to prop it against the wall or headboard though if you want to use it for reading.


What type of filling can you find in this pillow?

You’ll find memory foam filling that gives the pillow a firm texture that is great for back support.

This memory foam filling contours to your body and retains its original shape when not in use.

The filling comes in a removable zippered cover made of easy-to-maintain soft polyester fabric, which also features a handle for convenience.

The handle makes it easy to move and store.

And besides reading, you can also use it with other pillows to sleep while sitting or as a bed pillow when lying down.

One thing though, you’ll have to air it so that it can expand and diminish the foam smell before use.

You can check its price on Amazon if you like this wedge pillow.


  • Versatile, great for different uses
  • Easy-to-maintain removable cover that includes a zipper
  • The soft polyester cover also features a handle for convenience
  • Great pillow for most adults (back support)


  • Heavy pillow
  • May feel hard/ very firm
  • May have foam smell

So, what should you consider if you decide to buy any of the pillows?

Factors to consider before buying the best pillows for reading in bed

You should consider:

a) Body size (height)

Husband pillow an example of the best pillows for reading in bed
CC husband pillow image courtesy of Emily Lewis on Flickr

The reading/ sitting pillow should be comfortable.

It should fit your body especially the back well. If the pillow has arms, they should extend well to support your arms.

A pillow with a good height may be the best choice for a tall individual.

If you aren’t sure about your height and that of the pillow inquire from the seller before buying.

b) Reading pillow dimensions

Now, this is a no-brainer you should know the dimensions of the pillow so that you can find out how it will fit on your bed.

You won’t have a comfortable arrangement if you’re sharing and your pillow occupies a large portion of your space.

c) Type of filling and cover fabric

Well, this matters too if you’re prone to allergies and you have a preference to a certain filling.

a wedge pillow, which is an example of the best pillows for reading in bed
CC image courtesy of gm.esthermax on Flickr

It also matters when it comes to the firmness or softness of the pillow.

You can find out from the pillow description about the filling or even ask the seller for the details.

Remember, most products are usually made outside of the country, so inquire about this too. Polyester tends to be the ideal choice for guys with allergies while foam fillings mostly make firm pillows.

The cover fabric should be soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. Most manufacturers use polyester because it’s comfortable and can withstand a lot of abrasions.

d) The Color of the pillow

I prefer a neutral colored pillow that will complement the rest of my décor colors. Most people like pillows that have easy-to-maintain colors.

Neutral colors and patterned pillow designs don’t show dirt as easily as bright colors.

So, find out if the pillow you choose can come in your preferred color.

e) Shipping/inventory

Find out about the seller’s shipping process and if your pillow is still in stock. You should inquire about the length of days the seller will take to ship your pillow.

f) Try and find out if the pillow can work alone or if it needs support. You can get this information from buyers reviews.

g) If the pillow includes a removable cover, which will make maintenance easy for you. You’ll have to remove and clean the cover without touching the pillow.


Where can you buy these pillows?

Well, as you can tell from the links in this post that both husband and wedge pillows can be bought from e-commerce stores. You can also buy from any brick and mortar stores near your area that deal in furniture and home products.

How do I wash a husband or wedge pillow?

Most of these types of pillows that don’t have removable covers may need some spot cleaning. Spot cleaning here means cleaning the stained parts of the pillows only.

You may wash the removable covers, and even machine wash some of the pillows. It would be wise to inquire from the manufacturer first before you proceed. Read the care instructions that come with most of these pillows and follow them to the tee if you want the pillow to last.


The mentioned pillows for reading in bed work for everyone, and they aren’t hard to maintain. They provide you with back support that helps to keep your posture upright, and free of discomfort.

And they also make excellent gifts for your bookworm friends.

The good thing is you can find them and their manufacturers online in case you have any queries.

So, did you find your ideal reading pillow in this post?

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