Best Pregnancy Pillow for Sleeping ( 5 Reviews)

Are you searching for the best pregnancy pillow that will help you sleep comfortably?

You can’t wait to welcome your bundle of joy but boy…. the discomfort that keeps you awake each night gets on your nerves. What wouldn’t you give to have a good night sleep?

You must have come across some long pillows mentioned in body pillow reviews post that can be of great help. There you will find body pillows that can work as pregnancy pillow alternatives. Some of those pillows have pillow cases too.

The mentioned pillows can also work for plus size pregnant women because of their simple designs.


At the moment, getting comfortable on the bed is more important than your new look. (Yeah, I know)

best pregnancy pillow

The extra weight makes it hard for you to sleep in your favorite position. And your doctor worsens the situation by advising you, for the most part, to sleep on your left side.

Sleeping on the left side improves blood circulation, as stated by American Pregnancy Association. This system helps deliver the nutrients to your baby.

And lying on your side with your legs and knees bent reduces hip and back pains. This position also minimizes shortness of breath that happens in the third trimester.


When is the right time to start using a pregnancy pillow?

The right time for using a pregnancy pillow would be in the second trimester. Around the time most physical changes happen. You start experiencing soreness, discomforts while sleeping or sitting on the sofa.

The best pregnancy pillow for you will provide you with comfort, and support your bump and lower body.


You know that a pregnancy pillow is a body pillow for pregnancy. What you want to find out is, does it help?

Is the pregnancy pillow worth it?

Yes, it is. BabyCenter mentions that the right pregnancy pillow can help reduce sleepless nights. You can get a versatile pillow that supports your belly, lower body and in some cases your whole body.

As a result, your spine remains aligned, and this reduces soreness and the tossing and turning episodes. Not to mention, you and your partner stay comfortable.

best pregnancy pillow by Bess Grant
CC pregnancy pillow image courtesy of Bess Grant on Flickr

Another key point is that this type of pillow can still be of use even after pregnancy. In fact, some pregnancy pillows turn out to be good for sitting and nursing babies.

Let’s look at some of my top pregnancy pillows:


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Name Uses Size
Hiccapop wedge belly support small pillow See price
Boppy support belly and back small See price
Boppy side sleeper side sleeping small See price
Snoogle body pillow belly, knees, hips and back support Full See price
Comfysure pregnancy pillow full body support Table See price

Best Pregnancy Support Pillows: Small Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

This section features guides and reviews of the best pregnancy support pillows.


How do pregnancy support pillows work?

Pregnancy support pillows cushion specific parts of the body mainly the belly, feet, or back. They are smaller and lighter than the other pillows making them ideal for travel.

The pillows can be used on a variety of mattresses. And because of their sizes, these pillows are affordable and easy to maintain. Some are machine washable and include removable pillow covers.

On the negative side, these pillows require bed or body pillows to work well. The pillows can’t work alone.

Let’s have a look at my favorite ones:

1. Best Pregnancy Pillow wedge

This round shaped Hiccapop pregnancy wedge pillow measures around 13 inches long by 15 inches wide. It has a height of around 4.5 inches. According to the manufacturer, Hiccapop, this design fits the needs of today’s modern woman.

With a 2-sided design that creates a soft yet firm texture, this pillow will support your bump as it grows. You just flip this wedge pillow as per your preference. It is made of perforated memory foam filling that keeps the pillow cool and comfortable.

And because it doesn’t flatten out this versatile pillow also works well as a knee and back support. You get better sleep with this pillow that comes with a soft, washable Velboa zippered cover for easy access.

The good thing is this compact pillow includes a bag for easy travel. And it can be of use even after the pregnancy.

View on Amazon

You can sit on this wedge pillow and still use it for your knees.

One more thing,

This pillow comes with a lifetime guarantee. (Yey!)

On the negative, this pregnancy pillow doesn’t stay in place. You’ll have to place it back to position, and this may interfere with your sleep.

  • Compact, doesn’t interfere with space
  • Soft, removable cover that is washable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No smell
  • Doesn’t lose shape
  • Stays cool
  • Soft but firm texture for comfort
  • Doesn’t stay in place
  • Needs readjusting when turning from one position to the next

2. Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow

This medium-sized portable Boppy pregnancy support pillow looks like a punctuation comma. It is a lightweight support pillow that doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can carry it anywhere.

This machine-washable pillow comprises 100 % polyester fiber filling for a fluffy texture that is easy to manipulate.

It is a comfortable pregnancy pillow that can support your belly and back while sitting or sleeping on your side.

You won’t worry about dirt because this Boppy pillow includes a soft, cool jersey slipcover with a zipper for easy access.

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The slipcover features an attractive Trellis pattern in a neutral tone that can work with your décor.

The downside is the filling may be too soft for some positions.

Pillow is made in China and assembled in USA.


Air this Boppy pillow before use to dissipate the ‘new’ smell.

  • Compact, comfortable and easy to move around
  • Best pregnancy pillow for travels
  • Removable 100% Jersey cover with zipper
  • Machine washable
  • Versatile
  • Stays cool
  • Soft filling that may make the pillow lose shape fast

3. Best Pregnancy Pillow for Side-sleeper

The Boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow is the ideal support pillow because it gets you sleeping in the recommended position.


The pillow features two small pillows connected by a stretch panel. When placed under your belly, the stretch panel supports your side waist. One pillow cushions your belly, and the other (behind your back) keeps you from sleeping on your back.

With adequate 100% polyester fiber filling, this pillow has right thickness for reducing back pains. Not only is the pillow good for sleeping but also for sitting and nursing after pregnancy.

It is an ideal pillow for small spaces because it doesn’t take up too much room. And it’s portable and machine-washable.

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The pillow also includes a removable, soft jersey slipcover with a zipper for comfort and easy maintenance.

On the negative, this Boppy pillow can be a little uncomfortable for a plus size woman and for a woman who switches sides often on the bed.

Pillow made in China and assembled in the USA.

  • Great for side sleeping and reducing back pains
  • Small, portable, versatile
  • 100% polyester fiber that makes it comfortable
  • Back pillow prevents you from rolling on your back
  • Removable, jersey slipcover that makes it easy to maintain
  • Cover with zipper for easy access
  • Machine washable
  • A little uncomfortable for women who like switching sides
  • Not ideal for plus size women

So, have you found a pregnancy support pillow that will work for you?

Yes! Great…..

No, not sure??

Then let’s carry on…

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Full Body Comfort (Reviews)

You will find the best pregnancy pillow that can provide you with complete support and comfort here. The good thing with these types of pillows is that they work alone and leave you with a less crowded bed.

If you want to provide your growing body with the support and comfort it needs, then check these reviews.

And they are:

 1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle Total body pillow is a well-known C-shaped pregnancy pillow from Leachco. This pillow measures around 60 inches long and features an adjustable polyester filling.

The firm filling comes with a machine-washable, removable poly/cotton blend pillow cover.

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How can you use Snoogle?

  • You can place the long section behind to keep you from rolling on your back.
  • Remember to place your head on the upper curve section and the lower section between your thighs. This way the pillow will support your weight, belly and reduce backaches.
  • You can manipulate the upper section a little to prop up your upper body if you experience heartburn. After this, you’ll be able to reduce the discomfort and sleep well.
  • Or you can place the long section in front, with the upper curve supporting your head and the lower between your knees and ankles. This will give you comfort and full body support as you sleep on your side.

The good thing is, besides being the best pregnancy pillow Snoogle can also work as an alternative to the regular body pillow. What this means is, you can use it after pregnancy and your male friend can get one too for comfort.

The downside is, Snoogle occupies a large space. So it requires a king/queen size bed if you are sharing with a partner.

Care and maintenance

You can spot clean Snoogle with a soapy cloth to clean stains.

  • Best pregnancy pillow for full body support. Keeps your bed less crowded
  • Contoured design that provides you with support for your back, belly and knees
  • Prevents you from rolling on your back if placed well
  • Unisex, can be used by a man
  • Includes an easy to clean removable cover for maintenance
  • Can be of use even after the pregnancy
  • Bulky
  • Requires a big bed if sharing
  • Loses shape fast

2. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow  – By ComfySure

If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow for back support, look no further.

This ‘J’ shaped (looks like a C or G to me) pregnancy pillow by Comfysure will reduce those uncomfortable episodes that leave you sore in the morning.

The pillow measures around 56 inches long, which means it will be a good fit for a queen size bed. According to Comfysure, this pillow is made of hypoallergenic polyester filling that keeps off allergens.

With a firm yet flexible texture that doesn’t flatten, this pregnancy pillow is ideal for a variety of uses. You can use it when sitting, as a back support, and on the bed for your full body support.

View on Amazon

The pillow provides comfort and support for your belly, hips, knees and your upper body. And because of the hypoallergenic polyester filling, this pillow can make a good nursing pillow for your baby.

The pillow can also work as a support for other sleep conditions such as arthritis. Remember to seek your doctor’s advice before buying one for health-related issues.

One more thing….

It includes a removable cover made of machine-washable polyester fabric.

  • Comfortable pillow reduces tossing and turning
  • Full body support, best pregnancy pillow for back support
  • Hypoallergenic polyester filling that keeps off allergens
  • Stays in shape
  • Bulky requires a queen bed
  • Not really great for petite adults


If you still have doubts have a look at the following answers for your peace of mind.


What is the price of a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy support pillows are over $20, while their counterparts (long pillows) over $30 depending on their compositions and length.

Is this type of pillow good for your back?

Well, it depends on the composition of the pillow. Some pillows feature soft materials that don’t give your back the support it needs. But others have a medium to a firm texture that can help your back feel comfortable.

Can you use a pregnancy pillow for breastfeeding?

Yes, you can use this pillow for breastfeeding.


You can place it behind your back for extra support while sitting; this works for the U, J shaped pillows. If the pillow isn’t heavy you can bend the ends and place them on your laps; to support your arms when you are holding the baby.

And you can also use the small, lightweight pillows to do the same.

Can you wash these pillows?

Yes, you can wash some of these pillows as I mentioned in some of the reviews. Then again some may require spot cleaning only.  Some pillows come with removable covers that you can clean when dirty.

The best thing would be to follow the care instructions or ask the seller if your ideal pillow is washable.

Can you travel with these pillows?

You can travel with small, lightweight pillows. The heavy ones may be cumbersome to carry with you especially if you are traveling alone.


How can you use a J or C shaped pregnancy pillow?

This is how you can use the pillow:

Place it on the bed properly when you are ready to sleep

For side sleeping:

Lie down on the pillow with your head near the upper curve; you can place your arm under it too for comfort. Make sure the longer part of the pillow sits behind your back for support.

The lower curve of the pillow should sit between your legs for hips and knees support. And the edge should support your tummy.

If you want to use the pillow for sitting, let it lean against the wall or headboard for back support.


The comfort and support these pillows provide will keep you feeling rested and ready for your daily routine. The best pregnancy pillow will reduce soreness and relieve pressure on your back and lower body.

You will have a less crowded bed and a comfortable sleeping environment. And it can still be of use later. So, did you find the right pregnancy pillow for your needs on this list?

CC featured image courtesy of Toni Girl on Flickr

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