The Best Twin Mattress For Your Toddler (Under $800)

And then life happens and you become a parent. And now you’re looking for the best twin mattress for your toddler.

You may not have a lot of funds at the moment, but you want a quality twin mattress regardless.


Why did you opt for a twin mattress instead of a crib mattress?

best twin mattress for your toddlerMy guess is you want a comfortable option that’ll last a while.

A crib mattress is ok, but it can become small and uncomfortable for your growing child after a short period.

And because you want to save, you’d rather spend money on a bigger mattress that will accommodate your kid well.


That twin mattress should be:

  • Comfortable
  • Moisture-proof (if possible)
  • Long lasting (yup, great if it can last over eight years)
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to maintain

Well, I have made things easier for you by creating a well-researched post on this subject.

Here you’ll find reviews of four twin mattresses that will work just fine.

You can find few details of the mattresses in the table together with links that’ll take you to the e-commerce store.

I would recommend that you find out what your toddler is allergic to first before buying.

In most cases, he/she will have allergic reactions that are similar to yours.

You can click on the colored links to check the prices if you’re in a hurry.

Otherwise read on:

Name Materials Frame Feel Price
My Green Pure Echo GOTS organic cotton& natural wool The floor, slats, platform, box spring Firm Check price on Amazon
Zinus Pink Foam including memory foam most frames including bunk beds& trundle Firm Check price on Amazon
Modway Kate Memory Foam & innerspring Bunk and loft beds, slats Medium-Firm Check Price on Amazon

And the first one is:

Best Natural Twin Mattress for Your Child

Now, if you want a mattress made of natural materials, then opt for this Pure Echo twin.


The mattress features a quilt cover that includes GOTS certified cotton and natural wool, which acts as a flame retardant.

In other words, it doesn’t have foam so no off-gassing episodes.

This Pure Echo One-sided mattress also features a wool batting (sheets of wool) that adds comfort and regulates temperature. The mattress doesn’t get cold; it stays warm for the most part.

And some pocketed coils.

Don’t frown, please continue reading……..

I’m assuming you’d want your toddler to spend as many years as possible on this mattress. Well, if that’s the case then pocketed coils are ok.

These pocketed coils come in a 3 zone system for extra support around the lumbar region and the edge of the mattress.

So your toddler can roll, jump and sleep comfortably on the mattress without you worrying about a sagging possibility.

The pocketed coils bend individually under pressure and then go back to their original form.

What this means is, you can use the mattress on different foundations.

You can place this My Green mattress on an adjustable base if need be. And you can also fit this firm mattress on a box spring, your carpeted floor or a platform base.

One thing though, the slats for your foundation shouldn’t be more than 3 inches apart.


What are this twin mattress dimensions? The mattress measures 38 inches wide by 74 inches long and a height of 9.75 inches. It weighs around 57lbs so it can comfortably support the weight of an average toddler and toys.

Are the materials used hypoallergenic? According to My Green Mattress, yes they are hypoallergenic and safe.

What does One-sided mean? One-sided in this case means the cotton quilt cushioning is on one side. You’ll have to rotate the mattress to keep it fresh.

Why is it a bit pricey? Well, because of its natural and organic contents that are sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Is the wool chemically treated? According to My Green Mattress, they use a GOTS compliant alcohol based cleaner for the wool.

And the mattress has a Greenguard Gold certification, which means it’s certified for low chemical emissions.

It would be wise to get in touch with the manufacturer for more information.

So how is the mattress delivered after purchase? The mattress is usually rolled, compressed in a tube-like form and wrapped in plastic and cardboard box.

It takes a short while to expand after unpacking.


What I like about this natural mattress is it comes with a 100 Night Sleep Trial. So your child can enjoy its benefits for some days before you commit.

And it includes a 10-year warranty for defects, which also means this mattress can last up to around 10 years.

The downside is it may come with a natural wool smell that may not be to your liking. Don’t fret though; the smell can dissipate by airing the mattress for a couple of days in the sun.

Bottom line, you’ll be at ease knowing that your child is spending most of her time on a toxic-free mattress.

Tip: Remember to get a waterproof cotton protector too for bed wetting incidents.

Click here to check the Pure Echo price on Amazon


  • Made of natural materials (organic cotton and wool)
  • Made in the USA
  • Comfortable and firm with good edge support
  • Doesn’t require a foundation to work
  • 100 sleep trial and 10 years warranty


  • May come with a strong woolen smell that can take some time to dissipate
  • Not waterproof

The Pure Echo has a height that may be hard to fit on a bunk bed unless the bed is around 9 inches high.

So, what if you have a bunk or trundle bed? Which twin mattress would you buy?

Check out this next review to find out.

One thing to note, it’s a memory foam mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Your Toddler


As I mentioned earlier this mattress is a good choice for your kid’s bunk bed.

Why? It’s made of foam that tends to be flexible; it can be made to fit the bed.

And the foam has gone through toxicity tests (Certipur-US certified), so it’s safe for your toddler.

It constitutes of:

  • An inch of memory foam
  • 1 inch of comfort foam that conforms to the body
  • And 3 inches of high-density support foam that help keep the mattress firm and durable.

This Zink Pink Twin mattress may be firm but it is comfortable for a child, and also it doesn’t absorb heat.

It measures 39 inches wide by 75 inches long with a height of 5 inches and weighs around 21lbs when fully expanded. So, it isn’t a heavy mattress, which means you can remove and change the bedding with ease.

And it also features a removable cover that is easy to maintain. You can spot clean the cover with cold water and mild detergent when necessary.

And what about shipping, how is the mattress transported?

Well, like most memory foam mattresses. The mattress is compressed, rolled and wrapped in plastic and then placed in a cardboard box ready for shipping.

You can store the mattress upon arrival for not more than 72 hrs according to the manufacturer. Time extension can damage the mattress.

You are also advised to refrain from folding the already expanded mattress for the same mentioned reason.


Although the mattress works on different bed frames, I have found out that it works better on flat and secure frames.

If you have an adjustable base (which I don’t think is ideal for a kid), use a lip on the base so that the mattress won’t shift.

It would be wise to place a bunk board in case the frame has slats that look further apart from each other.

All in all, this Zinc Pink twin mattress is great for different bases plus it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The downside is it may come with an odor, which dissipates after airing in the sun.

You can check the price of this Zink Pink Twin mattress on Amazon.


  • Comfortable
  • Works on most frames
  • Has a removable cover for maintenance
  • Made of Certipur-US foam that won’t be toxic to your child
  • Includes a 10-year limited warranty


  • May come with an odor
  • May not expand fully, if you fail to follow instructions


Another twin mattress that can also work well on different frames such as bunk beds is the Modway Kate Innerspring mattress.

Best Innerspring Twin Mattress For Your Toddler

Let’s get one thing straight before we proceed this mattress isn’t entirely made of innerspring.

The mattress also features:

  • A comfortable padded polyester quilt cover and a gray polyester barrier that acts as a fire retardant.
  • A 4-inch responsive foam that conforms to the body
  • And top and bottom felt liners that give the mattress a smooth, even feel

It measures like your standard twin mattress when fully expanded: 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. And it includes a thickness of 6 inches, which works fine for different frames.

So, is it comfortable for your toddler?

According to most reviews, the Modway Kate Twin mattress is comfortable. It has a medium-firmness that is just right for your toddler’s body.

And the innerspring create a solid structure that can resist the pressure exerted by sleeping and other rough activities.

The good thing is this portable mattress takes a short time to fully expand. But you cannot flip it because it’s one-sided. So you’ll have to rotate it when need be.

If you’re looking for an option is comfortable and fits well on most frames then I recommend you get the Modway Kate twin mattress on Amazon.


  • A solid structure that can support different activities
  • Comfortable padded cover
  • Portable
  • Works well on most frames

 One-sided so you can’t flip it

Why are these toddler mattresses firm?

Firm-cushioned mattresses provide the best support for young children. Most young kids have the weight that gets well distributed on firm mattresses.

Their weights do not exert a lot of pressure on the mattress like grownups do. So these firm mattresses feel comfortable for most kids.

best twin mattress for toddler
CC Jumping image courtesy of adwriter on Flickr

Most toddlers don’t usually have a specific sleeping position at this stage, so they tend to move around. But they get one soon enough because they grow up fast.

And this is why good firm mattresses work because they support most sleeping positions and all the other bed activities without losing shapes.

Remember, your child needs a supportive mattress that will keep pressure off the spine.

So, what are those things you should consider before buying a twin mattress for your toddler?

You can take a look at the mattress buying guide post that includes a comprehensive checklist.

Otherwise, the things are…………….

Factors to consider before buying a twin mattress for your toddler

Medical issues

Well, this term shouldn’t scare you. As I mentioned earlier, it helps to know if your child is allergic to something. Or if he/she has a medical condition that doesn’t work with certain environments.

In most cases, the child and parents have some similar allergic reactions. So find out before you waste your hard earned money on a sleep product that your kid may not use.

Type of twin mattress

This factor relates to the medical one especially when it comes to foam mattresses.

I won’t mention waterbeds or air mattresses because I don’t believe they are good for kids, as permanent solutions.

best twin mattress for your toddler
CC kids jumping image courtesy of rlpm on Flickr

Most buyers prefer innerspring and foam mattresses or even a combination of the two.

Innerspring mattresses have solid structures and good edge support. Nowadays their structures also include cushioned tops for comfort.

A well-constructed one can last long while supporting your child’s growing body.

Foam mattresses have become quite popular because they conform to our bodies thus reducing pressure point aches.

But many buyers aren’t quite convinced of their toxicity levels. For your peace of mind, consider a Certipur-US certified foam mattress.


The certified foam is tested and believed to be safe for humans and the environs.

The mattress you choose should be easy to clean and maintain.

Type of frame

This is a no-brainer. Not all mattresses work well on all frames (foundations). Some mattresses may require an extra support to fit well.

bunk bed for the best twin mattress for your toddlerFor example, a thick mattress may not be ideal for a bunk bed unless you get a customized height.

Some mattresses don’t fit well on slats that are far apart.

To be on the safe side, ask the seller/ manufacturer or read reviews on the frames that work with your choice of mattress.

Price of the twin mattress

The price should be just right, like the mattresses mentioned in the post. You don’t have to break the bank.

And the good thing you can find what you want online at the click of your mouse.

Most e-commerce sites feature a variety of choices that are cheaper than what you find in mortar-and-brick stores. You can find a good twin mattress ranging from less than $100 to $800.

Remember if you want a mattress that will last, choose wisely.

Now, you’ll also need accessories for extra comfort.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Accessories for Your Toddler’s Twin Bed

And the first one is:

1.Waterproof mattress protector for the twin

This is an important accessory not only for your child’s mattress but also for your bed.

The mattress protector keeps off urine stains, odors, and dirt that breeds dust mites by creating a barrier between these elements and the mattress.

For this reason, the sleep environment improves with fewer allergy episodes.


Is a waterproof mattress protector safe for your toddler?

Yes, a waterproof mattress protector made of hypoallergenic, breathable materials can be safe for your child.

For example, you can get one made of cotton terry that is soft and smooth for your child’s skin. Avoid the ones that feature vinyl and untested PVC if you want to keep your child’s sleep environs safe.

The good ones are machine washable and easy to maintain. And they don’t change the feel of the mattress.

The idea is to keep the mattress clean and dry so that it can last longer and be of benefit to your child.

You can also get a mattress pad with protector properties. This mattress pad should feature child-friendly materials.

2.Bed Bumpers/ Rails

If you’re going to buy a twin mattress for your young one you can as well invest in either a bed rail or a bumper.

Bed rails and bumpers are practical accessories, especially for active sleepers. They prevent kids from rolling off their beds.

So what is the difference between a bedrail and a bumper?

A bedrail is a rail placed on the side of the bed (ideally on the frame), between the headboard and the footboard.

Nowadays, some rails feature metal frames with breathable mesh coverings and lock and strap units that secure them to the beds. Good bedrails also feature guards against gaps that may form

The rails can be around 20 inches high with over 40 inches widths.

On the other hand, bumpers look like half cylinders and are made of firm foam for security purposes.

Good ones feature hypoallergenic, breathable covers that are removable and machine washable.

Some feature non-slip bottoms and even silicone straps that secure well under the sheets.

Bed bumpers are easy to set up when compared to bed rails and because they aren’t high, you can easily join your child for co-sleeping.

Now, please research widely before you commit to the two. Find products that have certification from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the Federal Safety Regulators.

One more thing, remember to follow the care and instruction manuals of these products to the tee.

There has been a concern for the safety of both of these products. Some pediatricians believe that instead of prevention, these accessories cause accidents. But some parents think otherwise so get informed before buying.

3.Bunkie boards/ bunk boards

Why use Bunkie board?

Bunkie boards create sturdy foundations for the mattresses. They are great for frames with far apart slats because they provide extra support.

The boards are made of metal, steel or wood, and they work well for most mattresses.

You can use a Bunkie board to support your kid’s foam mattress particularly if the bed frame doesn’t fit well. The board should be able to endure the rough activities (such as bouncing) that the mattress may face.

This is a great option if you don’t like box springs. Make sure to choose the right fit for best results.

And, last but not least:

4.Twin mattress sheets

Your kid’s sheets should be breathable and made of natural, durable fabrics.

The sheets should also be smooth and easy to maintain.

Well-made fitting sheets add comfort and create inviting spaces.


All the mentioned accessories have different functions that make the twin mattress more beneficial.

Now, what if everything doesn’t go according to your plan?

Would you consider buying a used twin mattress for your toddler?

I have nothing against used items because most of them work and they can be helpful when you’re in a fix.

But a used mattress isn’t the right choice for your kid.

best twin mattress for your toddler
CC children sleeping image courtesy of aaronandstacia on Flickr

You can get money for a new one by selling some items in your house if things are thick. Get slightly over $100 for the first twin mattress and then save up to buy the ideal mattress for your child later on.

So, why shouldn’t you get a used mattress?

  • Well, because it may contain germs that may affect your child’s health.
  • You don’t know how the mattress was maintained by the previous owner. Did they ever clean it? Who used the mattress? These are some of the questions that probably won’t have genuine answers.
  • New mattresses aren’t that expensive. You can get an affordable one that works well. Check the featured mattresses in this post.


You don’t have to spend so much buying mattresses that your child will outgrow. Instead, transition smoothly by selecting any of the twin mattresses featured in this post.

Although the mattresses are twin-sized, they are great for kids. Some include natural, hypoallergenic and certified materials that create comfortable and supportive spaces for children.

And because they last longer than a crib or toddler mattresses, your child will have enough time to adapt.

So, which twin mattress did you choose?

Author: Brenda

Brenda Nadi is a proud mama, entrepreneur, and sleep blogger. She creates guides, tips, and reviews of sleep products that make comfortable environments for new buyers.

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