Best Zinus Platform Bed Frames (3 Reviews)

comfortable zinus platform bed frames

Are you looking for a comfortable base? Well, find your ideal base in this post that features reviews of the best Zinus platform bed frames.

I chose the frames from Zinus because the brand has been around for a while.

And it is a reputable brand that allows you to shop online for your sleep products.

I also chose these three because:

  • These platform frames are not low, so they provide you with storage space
  • Their prices are affordable unlike murphy beds
  • They are easy to assemble
  • And they have minimalistic designs that can transform any bedroom
  • And according to customer reviews, the frames are sturdy and comfortable
  • A box spring won’t be necessary when you use any of these frames

So if you’re looking for a good platform bed frame, choose one from these three.

And they are:

Platform Bed Features Height Support Price
Zinus 12 inch bed Steel frame / no headboard 12 inches Supports most mattresses Check price on Amazon
Zinus upholstered bed Steel frame / with headboard /upholstery and foam padding Around 14 inches Most mattresses Check price on Amazon
Zinus modern studio Steel frame / wooden slats/ no headboard but includes predrilled slots Around 10 inches Most mattresses Check price on Amazon

One thing to note though, these bed frames don’t come with mattresses. But you can have a look at my list of favorite mattresses if you’re interested.


1. Zinus 12 inch platform bed

Affordable, small-size option

This is a good frame if you’re looking for a minimalistic affordable design that lets your room décor stand out.

And if you want a small size bed that features some storage space underneath.

What is the size of this frame?

It is a twin size platform bed that measures around 75 inches long by 39 inches wide with a height of 12 inches. And according to the seller, the slats are 6.6 inches apart.

What is it made of?

The Zinus 12 inch twin bed frame is made entirely of steel and weighs around 21lbs. These products for the most part are made in China.

Which mattresses does this frame support?

The seller mentions that this frame can support a spring, hybrid or memory foam mattress. And that a box spring isn’t necessary.


Why did I choose this frame?

Well, for the reasons I mentioned earlier and because it is a sturdy, noiseless, lightweight frame that is easy to set up.

The good thing is, it comes with clear instructions together with tools and hardware for convenience. So, you can disassemble it with ease when necessary.

And the bed is manageable even though you may need help when moving.

The legs have an attractive rectangular structure that makes the frame look modern.

And you can use a bed skirt to hide the items that you’ll store under it if you don’t want them visible.

The downside is you can’t attach a headboard on this platform bed. And you may need an anti-slip mat to keep the mattress from slipping.

If this is what you want for your small space, then buy this Zinus 12 inch platform bed on Amazon.


  • Affordable
  • Has storage space underneath
  • Made of steel for strength and durability
  • Comes with clear instructions for easy set up
  • Works with most mattresses including memory foam


• The slats may be hard to fit if you fail to read the instructions carefully


2. Zinus upholstered platform bed

Comfortable and adds texture to your room

Now, if you like a classic touch for your room, then this Zinus upholstered platform bed will work.

The bed has a buttoned headboard that adds style to your space. And its navy blue color creates an inviting look that can work with different décor styles.


What does it feature?

The bed features a steel frame with wooden slats for comfort and durability. You won’t need a box spring for extra support when you use this frame.

The frame also includes a foam padding covered with knitted polyester fabric, which extends to the headboard.

And some of the legs are made of metal, while others plastic.

One thing to note is Zinus state that they don’t use flame retardant chemicals in their products.

What about size?

According to Zinus, the bed comes in different sizes with a standard height of around 13.8 inches.

These inches are dimensions of the height from the ground up to the slats.

The headboard width is around 78 inches for the King size with a thickness of around 4.5 inches. It looks proportionate to the bed, and its space can hold your favorite book.

Your mattress and box spring won’t hide the King headboard.

Why did I pick this one?

Well, besides its appearance and headboard, this durable platform bed can support foam mattresses. The flat slats sit at a low level that prevents your mattress from slipping off.

And although heavy, it is easy to assemble.  And it has around 7 inches of storage space underneath. The storage space won’t accommodate long containers though because of the central support.

And you won’t need tools for assembling; all the parts and hardware come in the headboard.

According to the seller, a full-size bed can support up to 500lbs of combined weight excluding the mattress. And it has a 5-year limited warranty in case of manufacturer defects.

The downside is it can’t work with adjustable bases. And you cannot change the legs or headboard because they work together.

Check out the price of this upholstered Zinus platform bed on Amazon, if you want a comfortable frame that adds style to your space.

  • Comes with a 5 yr limited warranty
  • Upholstered fabric for a classic look
  • Metal frame with wooden slats for durability
  • Headboard for elegance                   
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides you with storage space
  • Frame design prevents mattress from slipping off
  • Works with most foam mattresses
  • Affordable
Heavy to move

3. Zinus modern studio platform bed 2000

For that simple yet comfortable option

Yes, this is another option if you’re looking for a low profile Zinus platform bed with a minimalistic look.

The bed doesn’t come with a headboard, but it includes slots for a headboard in the front legs.

It is a sturdy black bed that supports average weight and works well with your room’s décor. And like the rest, you won’t need a box spring for support.


What does it feature?

This studio platform bed features a steel frame with well-distributed wooden slats. The slats stay in place because of the velcro underneath them.

It also features strong plastic legs that support the frame. The legs cushion your wooden floor from damage.


According to the seller, the bed comes in different sizes from the twin to the king. The king size measures 76 by 80 inches. All the sizes have a standard height of 10 inches.

The clearance height that you can use as storage space is around 7 inches for this platform bed.

The leg dimensions are around 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches each, and the distance between the slats is around 4 to 5 inches. And the distance between the headboard slots is around 5 inches.


Why would this bed suit you?

Well, this platform bed 2000 supports most mattresses, so make sure you get the right size.

The bed has a solid structure and a simple design that gives your space an expensive look.

And as I mentioned earlier, it features slots for a headboard in case you want one.

I would advise you to buy a headboard from Zinus if you’re interested. And this is because the bed may not be compatible with headboards from other brands.

Zinus also includes a return policy for their headboards so you can test the one you choose before committing to it.

Now, the bed is easy to assemble just like the others; it comes with all the hardware needed.

And you get storage space underneath it when assembled.

I found out that the small size bed doesn’t feature central support like the big sizes. What this means is, you can place your long containers under that small bed.

The downside of this bed is it doesn’t work with bed risers. And you may need some help to move it around.

All in all, it is affordable, and according to the seller, the bed can support around 1200lbs (full-size) to 2400lbs (queen).

You can check the price of this Zinus modern studio platform 2000 bed on Amazon.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy frame made of steel and wooden slats
  • Plastic feet for prevention of floor damage
  • Velcro underneath the slats keeps them and your mattress in place
  • The frame supports most mattresses including foam and innerspring
  • Has a simple, minimalistic design that works for most décor styles
  • Features slots for a headboard

  • Heavy to move     
  • Not compatible with bed risers

Remember to find out about the weight capacity from the sellers/ manufacturers for your peace of mind.

The bed should support your weight and that of your mattress comfortably.

What to look in your new Zinus platform bed

When you receive your bed, look out for the following:

  • Make sure you have received the parts in good condition. You can always contact the seller in case you receive damaged parts. The good thing is most Zinus products include limited warranties for such issues.
  • The package should include all the parts of the bed and the hardware.
  • You should also receive an instruction booklet or list that includes all the details of the assembling process. Make sure you follow the instructions properly to get the best results.
  • And the bed should be the right size and design.


The beds mentioned in this post are affordable and easy to assemble. And they can work with most mattresses.

These beds have sturdy structures that provide you with adequate support.

So did you find your best Zinus platform bed frame in this post?

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