Guide to Buying Body Pillow Cases and 3 Reviews

Have you found body pillow cases that fit well?

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Shopping for covers can be a daunting task because of the lengths and designs of the body pillows. And sometimes the advertised products aren’t what you get.

This post aims to demystify the whole experience.

It includes a pillowcase checklist and a few reviews of quality cases that can fit standard body pillows.


Where can you buy body pillow cases?

You can buy body pillow cases from the well-known e-commerce sites, retail stores, and bedding companies. Practically, any store that sells body pillows, and anime pillow sells cases too.


Some sellers provide customization services, especially for their body pillow buyers. And some pair the pillow together with the case. Most stores though, sell the cases separately.

Now that you know where to buy long pillow cases consider the following just to be sure.

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Body Pillow Cases Checklist: What You Should Consider Before Buying

First on the list is:

1. Body pillow cases thread count and fabric

cotton fiber for body pillow casesThread count as mentioned by King of Cotton means the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically per square inch of fabric.

Most people believe that the higher the count the comfortable the fabric, but that isn’t entirely the case.

If you want soft, comfortable body pillow cases consider the type of fabric, texture, weave construction and the finishing process.

Some of the popular fabrics include:

  • Cotton

Cotton is amongst the softest and finest materials. It is a natural, eco-friendly fabric that is breathable, which makes it ideal for beddings. There are different types of cotton with the finest being the Egyptian cotton.

cotton fabric for body pillow cases

The Egyptian cotton produces extra-long fine fibers that make a high number of woven threads per square inch.

And so it creates quality body pillow cases that are soft, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Others are:

Pima cotton, with extra-long fibers too. This is a type of cotton developed in the USA that also makes good covers and beddings.


Cotton Sateen, which feels and looks like satin because of its weave construction that has more threads on the surface.

  • Linen

Linen is a fabric made of the flax plants fibers, which come from plants’ stalks. This fabric made using the linen weave is known for its smooth, cool texture and its absorbency properties.linen fabric for body pillow cases

For these reasons, linen body pillow cases work well in tropical climates. And they keep night sweaters comfortable.

Although wrinkly, linen is a durable fabric that is resistant to damage.

The price of this fabric is higher than of cotton because the production process requires more time and effort. `

You may have come across the word linen’ that most manufacturers use when branding their fabrics.

Words such as luxurious linen’ may not exactly mean that the fabric is linen. These words are used for fabrics that have linen-like textures.


2. The body pillow cases dimensions

tape measure for body pillow cases dimensions

Try to understand your pillow dimensions so that you buy fitting body pillow cases. You can always ask the seller to help you out especially if you buy your pillow from the same place.

If you have a well-stuffed body pillow, get covers that have enough room for easy on and off.

In case you don’t find the right size, buy body pillow cases that are a little longer than your pillow and tuck in the extra lengths. Remember besides being comfortable the cases should be long enough to protect your pillow against dirt.

And this leads to the next point…………

3. Hypoallergenic properties of the body pillow cases

Look for body pillow cases that are hypoallergenic especially if you are prone to allergies. Good quality cotton pillow cases are amongst the best here because they are easy to maintain and, are made of natural fibers that reduce allergic reactions.

4.  Body pillow cases colors, patterns and finishings

colored pillow case

The finishing of your pillow cases should be well-made to withstand friction that encourages tearing. Body pillow cases with double stitched or overlock seams will work just fine.

And a good looking finish will enhance your bed, bedding, and space.

The zipper is also another important part. Some manufacturers don’t include zippers because most of their customers find them uncomfortable. These sellers use foldable designs that function as well as zippers.

You may have to ask the sellers about the zippered cases if they aren’t mentioned in the descriptions.

Find out if the pillow cases come in a variety of good-looking colors. You can get light colors and patterns that will brighten your room. Or dark colors that hide dirt and give your space a cozy look.

5. Price of the body pillow cases

The price of body pillow cases will depend on the mentioned factors and others that manufacturers experience. For example, prices of colored and printed cases are usually higher than plain white covers.


Here are reviews of body pillow cases with lengths ranging from 54 inches to 60 inches. These are for regular rectangle body pillows.

1.Body Pillowcase, Non-zippered Cover for Your Body or Pregnancy Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow case for your less than 54-inch body pillow, then this Comfort Crazy cover will do. The pillow case measures 55 inches long by 21.5 inches wide. And it’s made of long staple cotton threads (400 thread count) that make it cool and breathable.

This hypoallergenic body pillow case includes double stitched seams for durability. It doesn’t have a zipper but features an envelope closure for easy on and off.

The pillow also features a sateen finish with a smooth look.

According to Comfort Crazy, there is a 90 day, 100 % money back guarantee for defective cases.

What to expect

One body pillow case

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  • Fits and completely covers a standard rectangle body pillow (54 inches or less)
  • Large opening for easy on and off
  • Hypoallergenic, cool, breathable case
  • Double stitch seams for durability
  • No zipper but features an envelope closure for easy on and off
  • Fabric washes well
  • Surface a little rough and scratchy
  • A little wrinkly

2. American Pillowcase Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton 2-piece set

These hypoallergenic body pillow cases from American Pillowcase measure around 21 inches wide by 60 inches long. So they work for most standard body pillows.

With a bag style design that features a large opening without a zipper, these pillow cases are easy to use. And you can tuck in the extra length in case the covers are longer than your pillow.

According to American Pillowcase, these breathable covers are made of 100 % long staple cotton (300 thread count). And they feature double stitch seams for durability.

The company also offers a 100 % money back guarantee in case the pillow cases aren’t what you want. They make the pillowcases in India and China.

The good thing is, these pillow cases with a sateen finish are easy to maintain. They just requires a gentle cycle of warm water and medium heat to dry.

On the negative, the pillow cases may feel a little thin and rough.

What to expect

Two 60inch long body pillowcases

Get these luxury American pillowcases from Amazon

  • Long pillowcases that can fit most body pillows
  • Bag style cases with a large opening for easy on and off
  • Made of long staple cotton that is breathable and durable
  • May feel a little thin and rough

3. DOUBLE SIDE ZIPPER Microsuede Body Pillow Pillowcase

 You probably want comfort and a neat looking bed. This body pillow case by Bearbear Bedding will make that possible.


It is made of soft microsuede fabric that is durable and easy to maintain. This machine washable fabric doesn’t fray.

The pillow cover measures 54 inches long by 20 inches wide, which means it can fit a standard body pillow well.

And the pillow case features zippers on both ends for easy access.

Your body pillow stays in place, and its rich colors brighten your space.

What to expect                   

1 double zippered body pillow case. (made in China).

Get your Bearbear Bedding pillowcase from Amazon

  • Soft and comfortable microsuede fabric that washes well
  • Double side zippers that keep the pillow in place
  • Bright colored pillow case that enhances your space
  • Opening not large enough, you may have to squeeze your pillow through it


Buyers usually tend to ignore the above factors because they don’t consider body pillow cases to be as important as the pillow.

Acknowledging them will keep you from making mistakes that may cost you time and money.

Remember sheets and the pillow case touch your skin. So they must be of quality fabric that will keep off allergens and leave you comfortable.

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