What You Should Know Before You Buy a Platform Bed

You should buy a platform bed if you want a good base for your foam mattress.


Well, because this base doesn’t require the use of a box spring.

And it can create a comfortable yet stylish bedroom space that accommodates your needs.

And also provide you with extra storage space.

should you buy a platform bed?

The good thing is you can buy this frame online, and have it delivered to your front door.

And it comes in different sizes, which means you can get a small size frame for your small space.

So, read on, and find more answers to some questions you may have about this bed. The answers will make you decide if this is the right bed for you.


Is a platform bed comfortable?

Yes, if you use it with a good mattress that conforms to your body, then the bed can be comfortable.

When assembled well, these beds can create comfortable spaces.

Does this bed have slats?

Yes, this bed has well-distributed slats that aren’t far apart.

You can find a bed with either metallic or wooden slats. And you can also find a metal frame with wooden slats.

For this reason, you won’t require a box spring for your mattress.


Are all platform beds low-profile?

No, because the beds feature different heights, so depending on your needs you can get a low or high platform bed.

Now, the low platform beds don’t have storage spaces like their counterparts. But they work better for those who want to include box springs.

Most sellers include the height of these beds in their descriptions, so it’s easy to find out if the bed you want is a low-profile. A low-profile bed has a height of 10 inches or less in most cases.

Is a platform bed good for your back?

A well-made platform bed with a good mattress works well for your back.

For best results, the assembling must be done well.And you can also add a mattress pad or topper for extra comfort and support.


Can you still use a box spring on a platform bed?

Box spring on a platform bed isn’t necessary, but you can still use one if need be. Just remember that a box spring will make your bed taller, which means accessing it may become uncomfortable.

The best thing would be to use it on a low platform bed as opposed to a high bed. This will increase the height of your bed to a manageable level.

Check out this list of foundations if you’re interested.


Can adjustable bases work with platform beds?

Some adjustable bases can work on platform beds. In most cases, their manufacturers will mention this feature in the descriptions.

The adjustable bases may come with removable legs for the transition. So, find out if this feature exists from the sellers.

I would advise you to get an adjustable bed though instead of an insert/ base. And this is because the adjustable platform beds tend to work better than the inserts.

The bed will require proper assembling for comfort.


What about headboards, can they attach to platform beds?

Yes, they can, but you can buy a bed with an already attached headboard to cut down costs. These headboards work for most interior designs.

But if you want to spruce things up, then, by all means, get a headboard. Your bed should have the pre-drilled holes or grooves in the first place for the attachment process.

buy a platform bed

The good thing is most manufacturers design headboards that can attach to most bed frames. So you’ll have to get it in the size of your bed.

Read this headboard post for more information.                                                               


What are the prices of platform beds?

The price range of platform beds varies depending on their sizes and compositions.

For example, you can get a small size metal platform bed (without a headboard) for $100 or its wooden counterpart for slightly over $100.

Platform beds made of wood or a combination of wood and metal tend to be higher priced than metal beds.

The same applies to beds that feature upholstery, headboards, or drawers.

How much weight can platform beds support?

The amount of weight that these beds can support will depend on their construction and sizes.

For example, a good platform bed should support over 170lbs, which is around the average weight of an American man. So, find about the weight capacity before you buy.

Can you disassemble and move a platform bed?

If the assembling process was easy, then the disassembling won’t be hard. You’ll have to keep the small pieces/ hardware safe so that you don’t misplace them when moving.

Most beds are easy to move when they are in pieces and not assembled.

But you may have to get help when moving an assembled bed.

why you should buy a platform bed

How high should platform beds be?

I believe the question should be ‘what would be the comfortable height for your bed’?

Buyers have different reasons for the height they want their beds to have. So these beds come in different heights to suit different needs.

You can find a bed with a height of close to 12 inches and another one over 18 inches.

In other words, choose a height that works for you. For instance, tall individuals may enjoy high-profile beds more than short individuals unless the beds have storage.

Can you use bunkie boards and risers with your bed?

You can use a bunkie board to create a smooth surface if you feel the slats when sleeping.

Or get a new mattress if the one you have is worn out. Check this post of my favorite mattresses.

You can use risers if you want to increase storage space or adjust the height of your bed. These risers also prevent slipping caused by active sleepers.

Consider the following before you get the risers:

  • The length you want to increase in inches
  • If the risers can support your bed
  • The number of legs that your bed features
  • The shape and diameter of the tip of your bed’s legs

What mattresses are good for a platform bed?

Overall,This bed frame can support most mattresses, but it works better with foam mattresses.


As I mentioned earlier, you can buy the bed from e-commerce stores. Or you can create your own by following these DIY instructions.


I believe you have erased any doubts that you had about platform beds after reading all the answers in this post.

With this in mind, you can choose the right bed for your needs.

If a platform bed is what you want then check out the Zinus platform beds post, it includes reviews of three beds. Otherwise, have a look at other bed frames that I feature in this blog.

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