How To Make Your Bedroom Look More Grown Up

You have always enjoyed sleeping on the floor, but things have to change. You want your bedroom to look more grown up.

a good interior design for a more grown up bedroom
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A simple, budget-friendly theme that will sync your room will do.

And the most important thing is, you want an environment that won’t be off-putting to the opposite sex.


What should you do? How will you transform your bedroom?

Well, here’s what I would do to make the room more grown up.

9 things that can make a bedroom look more grown up

I would:

1.Get a bed frame

a bed frame that will make your bedroom look more grown up
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Yes, a good bed frame because sleeping on the floor makes you look a little immature.

If that is your favorite arrangement then get a base that can work on the floor; a good foundation will do.

Otherwise, get a good bed base to elevate your mattress and make your room look spacious. The price of a good frame is around $70 dollars.

You can also buy a platform bed with a headboard if you have funds to spare. A quality platform bed made of solid wood stands out and upgrades your space.

2.Paint the bedroom

A fresh coat of paint will always transform any space.

painting a bedroom to look more grown up
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You can never go wrong with white paint if you like to keep things looking pristine.

Remember though you’ll have to sprinkle white pieces for your décor, to create a synced theme.

I prefer warm colors such as tans and browns and also dark furniture to create that rich, yet homely look.

Dark colors work well if you have large windows that reflect light during the day. If you must include a dark color in your small space, then paint it on the main wall where you position the bed.

3.Fit a headboard

Now, I am assuming you have a bed frame that has pre-drilled holes/ slots for a headboard.

Fitting a headboard to make a bedroom look more grown up
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Well, besides enhancing your space a headboard will keep oil stains and dirt away from your wall.

And the good thing is you can get an inexpensive one for around $50.

One thing though, you’ll have to get brackets and hardware to attach the headboard. The brackets are priced around $20. Check this article for more information on headboard brackets.

But if you don’t like headboards or you want a cheaper alternative, then place your bed underneath the window. And throw some pillows to give that headboard illusion.

You can also use long curtains on that window to add style.


4.Add pillows and sheets too

Your pillows, sheets, covers, and bedding should be of good quality. Try to get plain together with printed sheets that complement your wall colors and furniture.

Mix the pillows too, what this means is get pillows in different sizes.


These items I have mentioned can work if you have a limited budget. You may need to improvise on the next set of things.

And these are:


fix artwork make your bedroom look more grown up

You can buy or create artwork to hang on the wall. One way of creating artwork is by framing black and white photos of the things you love.

If you decide to buy artwork get one that incorporates your bedroom’s theme colors.

Place the artwork centered, above your bed so that they act as the focal points of your room.

Tone down on college sports and nude artwork especially if you’re a guy, to avoid uncomfortable situations when you have female company over.

6.Include night stands

Nightstands (side tables) with drawers on both sides of your bed will create an organized look. You can make your side tables or get customized ones that will store personal items and hide electronic cables.

Remember the tables should complement your theme.

7.Include Table lamps 

nightstands and table lamps can also make a bedroom look more grown upNow, you can’t go wrong with these accessories in your room.

They brighten your space making it convenient for reading and pillow talk.

You can get lamps with simple, minimalistic shade designs that can add sophistication to your room.

And the good thing is some include touch buttons for convenience.

I believe the cylinder-shaped lamps work well with many interior styles. You can get a pair for $50 and above.


8.Place rugs too

Now, you don’t have to worry about rugs if you have good flooring or wall to wall carpet. You can add a bedside floor mat instead for your feet.

But if your flooring isn’t great then consider a rug. You can get an area rug to go under your bed.

It should be a little larger than your bed to give the best result, and subtle unlike the rest of your décor.

What you should know though, is that large rugs can be expensive, mostly over $80. Bedside mats on the other hand cost around $30 per piece.

9.Fit blinds/ curtains       

I know there’re some of us who don’t use blinds or curtains because of the fantastic views outside our bedrooms.

Well, if that isn’t your style then get blinds or curtains for privacy.

So, which type of curtains can you get?

Roller shades/ blinds                  

blinds and shades to make a bedroom look more grown up

Roller shades are usually made of light adjustable materials such as fabric, PVC and wood in some cases.

You get to regulate and filter light to your desired preference by pulling the material up and down.

Heavy curtains- These are made of heavy fabrics that in most cases block out light completely.

The blackout curtains are a good option here because they also reduce noise from surroundings. The prices of these curtains depend on your window sizes and materials used. You can get a pair priced at $30 and above.

All in all, quality window treatments do create that grown-up impression especially if they match with the room’s décor.

They give the impression that you took some time to fit everything in place.

Colors and themes

As I mentioned earlier I prefer tans and browns as grown-up colors. And I know you can still make others perceived as kids colors look mature.

For example, if you love pink, you can have it on the wall and mix it with white for your décor. Or you can get a subtle pink for your curtains and bed covers.

If you must have Mickey mouse in your room consider getting duvets and pillowcases that feature illustrations or use his colors as the theme for your décor.

What I would advise you to do is use a few colors for the room. In this case, less is more.


The good thing is you can transform your space with just the basic items if you have limited funds. Or plan well and include all the items in the post gradually with time.

Most e-commerce stores have all these décor items so it won’t be hard for you to upgrade your style.


Which item do you believe will bring out the grown up look?

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