9 Meaningful Gifts For Your Friends This Christmas

You should get meaningful gifts for your friends this Christmas.

meaningful gifts for your friendsInspirational and motivational cards aren’t bad, but who keeps a card after the holidays nowadays?

In most cases, those cards will be old news after New Year’s Eve.

So, get them useful gifts that will add comfort to their sleeping arrangements.

Gifts that they’ll remember you by, and you may find are still in use when you visit.


Best meaningful gifts for your friends’ bedrooms

Here’s my list of gifts that will work just fine for the holidays:

1. A pair of pillowcases with printed love-inspired words for newlyweds.

Instead of the cards get printed pillowcases with words expressing how you feel about your spouse who happens to be your best friend.

These cases work very well for the less expressive guys because the printed words convey feelings. For example words such as ‘I Love You’ and ‘Best Wife Ever’ are self-explanatory.

words on meaningful gifts for your friends
love-inspired words

Plain colors produce the best pillowcases because they tend to make the fonts stand out.

For example, white a color of peace and pure love creates a relaxed, lovable look for the room.

The pillowcases should be made of quality, easy-to-maintain fabric that won’t make the fonts fade.

2. A compact organizer for the one who leaves things lying around.

 Well, this meaningful gift is a compact valet for your husband or male friend.

meaningful gifts for your friends
Some of these personal items can fit in an organizer

You can’t go wrong with an organizer that’ll hold all those personal items that fall out when your friend is emptying his pockets.

A good organizer includes compartments that can hold jewelry, wallets, keys, and even coins and rings, and features a sleek design that enhances the space.

And because it’s small in size the valet fits well on a dresser or desk.

You can find one made of faux leather or leather exterior with a padded velvet interior.

The good thing about this type of organizer is that most of the stuff will be in one place (small space). And time won’t be wasted on searching for the items.

3. Flameless candles that enhance and brighten up your friend’s bedroom

Yes, flameless candles that don’t burn or melt and are safe to use even with kids around.

These candles come in sets of different sizes. And although fake, most manufacturers make these candles using solid wax, which creates realistic appearances.

meaningful gifts for your friends - candles
CC image courtesy of The Greenery Nursery on Flickr

How do they work? The candles use batteries that require replacement after they’re done.

The best thing would be to get your friend a couple of batteries for the first round just in case they aren’t included.

Each candle may include a switch for turning on and a remote that enables your friend to control the timer.

She can place them on a dresser or in different positions if her bedroom is big.

These candles can last a while if well-maintained.

4. Blanket and rattle set for your friend’s baby shower

You cannot go wrong with a gift that includes a good-looking baby blanket.A soft colorful blanket for warmth and a cute rattle that will entertain your friend’s newborn.

baby blanket one of the meaningful gifts for your friendsThe safe-to-use rattle should have a handle that the baby can grasp because he/she will be putting it in the mouth.

Check this Babymed article for more information on choosing a rattle.

The blanket should be of high quality and a good size that can accommodate an infant.

It should be made of safe materials and probably include some cotton batting.

The good thing is, besides helping in soothing and cuddling a baby blanket can work well as a play mat too.

And the colors of the blanket will brighten up your friend’s nursery.

5. A bedside alarm clock for your heavy sleeper friend

You probably have that one who is always late for your meetings or projects. Or a friend who’s starting a new phase in his/her career, maybe something that’ll change his/her routine of work.

meaningful gifts for your friends -alarm clockWell, what better way is there to show that you care than to get a digital alarm clock?

A good digital alarm clock should be easy to operate and have large, visible numbers that’ll be easy to view.

It should also provide enough alarm and snooze time so that your friend can wake up at the right time.

If you choose wisely you can get one with an adjustable volume, and night light for the reading time.

6. Sleeping masks that completely block out light

Well, these would be great for all of your friends, but especially for those who work the night shifts. And for those who are sensitive to light.

Sleeping masks manufacturers have come up with different designs that they say block light.

meaningful gifts for your friends- sleeping masks
CC image courtesy of yourbestdigs on Flickr

I like the contoured design that covers well but has space for eyelashes.

You may find some masks made of polyester and foam so try to inquire before you buy.  Find out about the makeup (materials used) to avoid any allergic reactions.

Get the ones with pouches for storage and Velcro straps so that your friends can adjust the masks to fit.

7. An essential set of baby clothes for a new mum

Now, this is a great gift that can save a new mum time and money. A complete set can have basics for the first few months.

meaningful gifts for your friends- baby clothes

You can get a set with a couple of onesies, bibs, caps, blankets, and sleepers.

Just make sure they are made of quality, child-friendly fabrics that are soft and easy to maintain.

And they feature attractive complementary colors and patterns that your friend will like.

You can make the set even better by adding a few pairs of socks.

8. A striking anime pillowcase for an Otaku fan

Do you think this is a weird choice of a gift? Not in any way especially if your friend loves Otaku and other Japanese animations.

meaningful gifts for your friends-anime pillowcase
CC image courtesy of C.Fountainstand anime on Flickr

You can get a full-size anime pillowcase if you’ve noticed your friend owns a dakimakura (body pillow). Or you can get him/her the anime case and body pillow if you have funds to spare.

A good full-size pillowcase will include the anime image on both sides, and feature quality peach skin fabric.

One thing to note quality dakimakura pillowcases are usually expensive. You can get a one for over $30 because of the fabric and details of the images.

9. A wearable blanket that keeps the legs warm at night

Who wouldn’t want this gift?

A wearable blanket with sleeves and even feet pockets that keeps your friend warm during those cold months.

Your friend can use it on the bed while sleeping, reading or sitting especially if his/her arms and legs get cold that easily.

meaningful gifts for your friends - blanketA good wearable blanket is usually soft to touch and doesn’t fray after being cleaned. It covers the whole body and keeps your friend’s body warm enough without adding another blanket.

You may get a storage bag to complete the gift if you shop around. What I believe is it will be a pleasant surprise for your friend.


Get any of these nine meaningful gifts for your friends this Christmas and make them feel loved. They will feel like you put some thought into choosing the right ones for them.

The good thing about all these gifts is, besides Christmas, they can work for other holidays and even special days such as birthdays.

So, did you find one that you think is just right for your friend?

Author: Brenda

Brenda Nadi is a proud mama, entrepreneur, and sleep blogger. She creates guides, tips, and reviews of sleep products that make comfortable environments for new buyers.

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