Metal Bed Frame Vs. Wood: What Should You Get?

When it comes to a metal bed frame vs. wood, which one do you think will work for you?

I know both bed frames are quite popular; they have been in use for a long time. And one good thing is you can buy them from e-commerce stores.

So which frame do you think is better than the other, and what about a combination of the two?

Well, I would prefer a combination of wood and metal that will include the best of both materials. We’ll take a look at my reasons for this choice later in the post.

metal bed frame vs. wood
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Right now, let’s compare some factors that may influence your choice of a metal frame over wood.

Metal bed frame vs. wood for comfort and support

And the first one  is:

Price of the bed frames

Yeah, you may believe that a wooden bed frame is more expensive than metal, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Depending on the type of metal used, a metal frame can also be highly-priced than its wooden counterpart.

And besides the type of metal, the size also influences price. Twin sized metal bed frames tend to be cheaper than wooden sizes, but the same cannot be said for the big sizes.

Verdict: Metal bed frames tend to be cheaper especially when in small sizes.


Resistance to Damage

metal bed frame vs. wood
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Now, metal frames tend to be resistant to damage than wooden frames.

Good quality metal frames can withstand water and fire damages. And even damages brought by bugs.

Wooden frames tend to get the worst of the natural elements and bug infestations. The frames can also get damages during shipment, and this is why they require more care than metal frames.

Verdict: Metal bed frames tend to be more resistant to damage than wooden bed frames if well-maintained.

Bed Frame Flexibility

Wood frames are customizable than metal frames.

But you can get adjustable metal frames that will move the bed to your desired angle. And some may feature holes for attaching headboards; this is why metal bed frames work well for small spaces.

metal bed frame vs. wood
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Yet, when it comes to designs and color variety, wooden frames fit the bill.

You can also find some with drawers for extra storage.

Learn more about wood in the Explainthatstuff post.

And wood works well for DIY situations, especially when you aren’t sure of the dimensions. You can modify wooden frames easier than metal frames.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you can’t paint metal. You can use spray paint with primer to set so that you get the desired color.

Verdict:  Although metal bed frames are adjustable, wood frames make the best choices for DIY circumstances.

Weight and Support

Most buyers believe wood frames are heavier than metal frames. Well, this may not be entirely true.

Although metal frames may take up less space, they can also be as heavy as wood because of their constructions and designs.

For example, a heavy-duty queen size metal frame may be heavier than a queen size wooden frame.

But when it comes to bed support they can both be good if they are well-constructed. Most metal frames feature sturdier structures though, which may include additional leg support at the center.

The best thing would be to find out the weight capacity of the frames from the manufacturers before purchase.

You should get a comfortable frame that can support your weight and that of your mattress and any other accessories.

Verdict: Both well-made wooden and metal bed frames provide good support.

There is scientific evidence of a Superwood that could be stronger than metal and lighter than ordinary wood. We’ll have to wait and see how the relevant industries will make use of this type of wood.

Now, this next one isn’t a factor, but it’s still important. And it is:


Low-quality metal and wood frames can make squeaks and noises when they aren’t assembled properly. The frames can also produce these noises after years of use.

noisemaking frames on metal bed frame vs. wood
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But when it comes to the worst noisemakers, the award goes to metal bed frames. The noises these frames make are unbearable, so follow their assembling and care instructions to the tee if you want a peaceful environment.


I believe a frame made of wood and metal will provide you with your desired comfort and support.

Most manufacturers use metal to create the outer frame and legs and wood for the slats. The wooden slats create a comfortable base for your mattress, while the metal supports you and all the other items.

So you get the best of both worlds in this hybrid frame.


Both metal bed frames and wood frames work just fine, and a combination of the two is great too.

The factors in this post will help you decide on the bed frame that will work for you.

What I believe is metal bed frames work well for small spaces, while wood frames work better in big rooms. Wood frames enhance the spaces because they are customizable.

So, what bed frame will you get?

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