9 Styles Of Bed Frames For Small Rooms

Are there different styles of bed frames for small rooms?

‘Can I get a beautifully designed bed for my small bedroom?’

styles of bed frames for small rooms

Yes, there are good looking bed frames that can work for small rooms.

But you have to consider the following though before we look at them:

The size of your bedroom– I know we are dealing with small rooms, but it would be wise to learn the dimensions of your room. The bed you choose should fit well in your room.

Space- The space you want the bed frame to occupy. This goes hand in hand with space you assign the rest of your things in your room.


Personal taste- You should consider your style so that you get the right bed that matches your needs.

Now, if you’re looking for some standard frames, you can check out this Zinus VS Olee frames post.

Otherwise, let’s get to other bed frames:

1. Platform bed

You can get a platform bed for your small bedroom. Most platform beds feature wooden slats that aren’t that far apart.

platform bed is one of the styles of bed frames for small rooms
CC image courtesy of John K Zacherie on Flickr

So you won’t need a box spring for your mattress.

Now, if you don’t have adequate vertical space, you can opt for a floating platform bed, which has a low frame.

Or get a bed with storage units underneath that can hide some of your things keeping your room spacious and organized.

The good thing is you can get a platform bed with an already attached headboard.

And there are also some that feature combinations of wood and metal for sophisticated looks.

A platform bed is a good choice if you want to upgrade your room. Check out this Zinus platform beds post if you want one.

2. Murphy bed

The Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into a wall, closet or a cabinet.

murphy bed as one of the styles of bed frames for small rooms
CC Murphy bed image courtesy of Bolt of Blue on Flickr

One part of this bed, which is the crown in most cases attaches to any of the three.

It allows you to create space for other functions when not in use.

Although most murphy beds are stylish, they tend to be highly-priced.

And this is because of the attachments, which may include a customization process that can fit your wall or closet.

3. Trundle bed

Well, a trundle bed may be another bed that can work for a small bedroom.

trundles bed amongst the styles of bed frames for small rooms
CC trundle bed image by HousingWorksPhotos on Flickr

So what is a trundle bed?

A trundle bed features two beds with a smaller one underneath the big one.

The smaller one includes casters for movement and legs that fold up when not in use.

You can use the bed as it is without joining the smaller one. Or you can move, lift, and unfold the legs of the small bed to attach it to the big bed if you need more sleeping space.

It isn’t the best bed for an older adult, but it can work if you have a guest over and have adequate space for it to expand.

4. Loft bed

Now, a loft bed is the ideal stylish bed if you have a small room.

A loft bed is amongst the styles of bed frames for small rooms
CC loft bed image courtesy of Wicker Paradise on Flickr

A loft bed is a raised bed that has enough room for other furniture underneath it.

It looks a lot like a bunk bed without one bed…. I hope that makes sense

You can get a customized loft bed that has a closet, workspace or even storage underneath the bed.

One thing though, you must have adequate vertical space to pull this one through.

Apart from the storage space, you’ll need stairs to access the bed.

5. Canopy bed

A canopy bed is another stylish tall bed that can work for your small room.

A canopy bed with poles is an example of styles of bed frames for small rooms
CC canopy bed image courtesy of Wicker Paradise on Flickr

You can get one with poles if you have adequate vertical space.

Just remember to get a simple design for the poles so that they don’t look heavy and occupy a lot of space.

What if you don’t have vertical space?

Well, you can improvise if you still want that canopy look.

You can create a frame of your bed by attaching curtain rods on the ceiling.

And hang fabric or even mosquito net to create a traditional yet elegant bed.

One thing though, the rods should align with the position of your bed for this to work.

6. Sleigh bed

Now, sleigh beds are stylish with their detailed curvy headboards and footboards.

styles of bed frames for small rooms- sleigh bed
CC sleigh bed image courtesy of JAGwired on Flickr

You don’t have to decorate the bed with other things when you have this type of bed.

Just get simple fitting bedding and a few pillows that complement the color of your bed.

You can get one in a metallic or wooden frame.

7. Sofa bed

We cannot ignore the sofa bed, which can be a good choice for a studio apartment.

styles of bed frames for small rooms- sofa bed
CC sofa bed image courtesy of jingdianjiaju2 on Flickr

There are a lot of sofa bed designs that look great and work just fine.

A sofa bed works a lot like a Murphy bed. You have to fold and transform it into a sofa when not in use.

The good thing is with the right accessories it can look good as either a sofa or bed.

8. Upholstered bed

An upholstered bed is usually covered with padding and fabric throughout. So it’s easy to get it in the color you desire.

The problem with this type of bed is it may be hard to keep clean especially if you get it in white or cream.

9. Divan bed

The Divan concludes this list of stylish beds. It has a thick covered base that is supported by low legs. And in most cases, the base features drawers for storage.

styles of bed frames for small rooms- divan bed
CC divan bed image courtesy of Dreams Beds and Mattresses on Flickr

The good thing about a Divan is the base and mattress fit perfectly, so it works for small spaces. There are no extra inches on this base.


All these beds can add style to your small bedroom. And some can also act as storage spaces for your things.

Now, besides choosing a good-looking bed, you should also do the following to make your room stand out.

Tips for making your room stand out

Bed placement

You can follow your feng shui rules or place the bed against the wall. The best position would be away from your window, which affects your room’s lighting and ventilation.

Place mirrors

You can place mirrors strategically to create an illusion of a big room. You can do this by placing a big mirror on a wall opposite your bed. Or cover that wall with mirrors to add depth to your space.


This would be the best thing to do for your small room. Just clear your space and keep things organized. You don’t need a lot of items for a small bedroom; the basics will do just fine.

Style the room

Well, styling a small bedroom can be a daunting task especially if you aren’t sure about your preferences.

But don’t fret; you can get a professional to do it if you have funds.

Or you can research and watch DIY videos for inspiration. Just keep it simple and use a few color combinations.


You can get any of these stylish beds if you want your room to stand out. And although most of them may not be cheap, they are worth the investment.

You should also get some good quality bedding to create an inviting environment that adds comfort to your space.

The good thing is you will find a base that fits your needs because there’re so many bases to choose from.

Let me know if there’s any other stylish bed frame that I may have left out in the comment section.

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