What Are Headboard Brackets?

Headboard brackets are supports that secure headboards to bed frames.

These supports are usually made of metal because of its flexibility and durability properties.

headboard attached using brackets

One headboard will require a pair of brackets (2) and some hardware for the connection.

You can attach a new, old headboard to a new or old bed frame using these brackets.

Most manufacturers/ sellers include the functions in their bracket descriptions.

What this means is the description will in most cases inform you about the type of headboard and bed frame that can work with the brackets.


What do these headboard brackets look like?

Brackets look like hinges. They are metal pieces with holes or slots.

These holes/slots are made to fit bolts that attach to similar slots on the headboards and bed frames.

Where can you buy these brackets?

You can buy them in stores that sell bedroom furniture either online or offline (brick and mortar). Most bed manufacturers sell specially designed brackets for their bed frames.

So you can find out from your bed frame manufacturer before you decide to buy.

Some sleep product stores also sell universal brackets that can work with most bed frames.


Consider the following before you buy the brackets.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Headboard Brackets


a)Bracket material/ easy assemble

The brackets should be made of durable, sturdy metal that works well and is easy to assemble. You can look for reviews that will help you find out if your choice of brackets fit the bill.

b)The type of bed frame/ base

You should find out if the brackets you want can work for your bed frame. You may find that some manufacturers produce brackets that can only work for their bed frames. So, ask before you commit to buy.

Brackets may not work if you have a foundation as your base. You may have to get a headboard that is mountable on a wall. And they cannot work with bunkie boards. 

c)The size of your headboard

The size of your headboard will also matter when you’re choosing brackets and this why you should get a size that fits your frame.

Check out this article on headboards that has more information on this topic.

A bigger headboard will attract extra costs. You’ll have to get not only the brackets but also a modification plate to adjust the width.

Don’t fret though; the price of the modification plate is affordable.

You may also have to get furniture risers just in case your headboard is higher than your bed frame. These risers will add a few inches to the height of your bed frame.

d)Headboard features

grooves for headboard brackets
CC image of grooves courtesy of urbandwellersva on Flickr

The brackets you should work with the features on your headboard. What this means is some brackets require grooves and pins, while others work with pre-drilled holes.

e)Hook/bolt slots

Measure your frame slots to get an idea of the size of hooks, bolts, and screws that you may need for the bracket connection. Ask the sellers after getting the dimensions to be sure.


What would you expect to receive when you place an order?

You should expect all the things that are written in the description. Most brackets come with the necessary hardware that may include bolts or hooks.


How do you install headboard brackets?

Well, here’s a brief description of how you can install brackets on an older headboard:

I am assuming your wooden headboard features grooves for the hook on brackets.

  1. Make sure you have the brackets together with the necessary hardware.
  2. Remove your mattress, bedding and box spring if any.
  3. Place your headboard in front of your bed frame and fit the hook on brackets in the grooves.
  4. Move the bed frame closer to the headboard so that the slots align with the bracket holes.
  5. Fit the hardware that may include screws, bolts, and nuts and secure the connection using a suitable screwdriver and wrench.
  6. Replace your mattress and bedding if you believe the headboard is secured well.


Brackets create a sturdy connection that supports your headboard and bed frame. These small pieces of metal should not be left out when you’re planning on a headboard to spruce up your bedroom.

CC featured image courtesy of urbandwellersva on Flickr

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