Zinus vs. Olee Bed Frame Review

Zinus vs. Olee bed frame, which between the two is the best?

zinus vs. olee bed frame
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Well, let the battle begin for the full-size 14-inch frames.

I chose full size because it is a good size for an active single sleeper.

And it can also work out for a couple living in limited space; metal frames work well for small spaces.

So, will the Zinus 14-inch Smartbase win against a heavy duty 14-inch Olee Sleep bed frame?

And why did I choose these two brands?

I chose Zinus and Olee because these are well-known brands that have been around for a while.

Zinus started in 1979 making outdoor products and later on introduced indoor (sleep) products. The company has branches in over seven locations around the world including the USA and China.

Olee on the other side is part of Grantec International, which is a company that has been dealing with sleep products for over 30 years.

So, these are reliable brands where sleep matters are concerned.

The frames can be found in e-commerce stores, and their prices are affordable.

Now, let’s get down to the comparison bit……………..



Both Zinus and Olee are made of sturdy steel structures. According to Zinus, this bed frame features a tube-like steel structure, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The Olee frame, on the other hand, is made of heavy duty steel for durability.

For the bed frames to work well, you’ll have to make sure their packages contain all the required parts. And you follow the manual instructions to the tee.

You can contact the sellers/manufacturers if you something is amiss.

Verdict: Both frames feature strong steel structures that require proper assembling.


The Olee bed frame has a simpler design when compared to the Zinus smartbase. It has round corners and the standard four legs that most bed frames feature.

The frame also includes legs at the center and edges for extra support. And the slats are that are a little far apart.

This Olee frame also features holes for a headboard and footboard.

Zinus smartbase frame features round corners with well-distributed slats than those on the Olee frame. It includes rods (hinges) that are connected to the legs, which besides providing extra support make unfolding easy.

And the smartbase also features a mattress stopper that helps to keep the mattress intact.

Verdict: Both frames have rounded corners; Zinus has well distributed slats than Olee.

What about dimensions?


Well, the Zinus full-size smartbase measures around 75 inches long by 54 inches wide and 14 inches high. Olee Sleep frame measures around 76.1 inches long by 55.1 inches wide and 14 inches high. This means the frames are wide enough for an individual or a not-so-active couple to sleep on.

Olee takes this one because it’s a few inches longer and wider than Zinus.

Verdict: Olee Sleep’s frame is a few inches bigger than Zinus.

Now, if you’ve decided to buy either of the frames, you should also consider these next points. Most online stores ship their products in cardboard boxes, so expect these frames in long boxes.


4.Assembling and Storage

Both frames come in big boxes that contain the frames, screws, tools and instructional manuals. The frames are easy to assemble; the instructions include illustrations. And the Olee frame even features color codes for convenience.

The name Smartbase refers to a compressed packing technology that was patented by Zinus in 2006. So this frame comes compressed and foldable, and easy for any individual to set up.

When it comes to storage, Olee frame has more space than Zinus Smartbase. The frame doesn’t have rods (hinges) like its counterpart, so you’ll have space for more things underneath.

With Zinus you’ll have to avoid the areas where the rods (hinges) stand when storing to maintain the frame’s structure.

All in all, both frames have storage spaces, and they work well on even surfaces.

Verdict: Both frames are easy to assemble. Olee frame has adequate storage space when compared to Zinus.


What about the mattress? Can these frames support foam or hybrid mattresses? Can they make you feel comfortable with your choice of mattress?

5.Type of mattress for these bed frames

Well, because Zinus has more slats and a few inches of space in between, it provides a better option for foam mattresses.

According to Zinus (the company), you don’t need a box spring when you use their frame.

You may have to use cardboard, plywood, or even a bunkie board if you opt for the Olee frame. This will prevent your mattress from sinking in when sleeping.

The good thing is both frames support other mattress accessories such as pads and toppers.

Verdict: Zinus frame works better for foam mattresses because of its well-placed slats.

And what about sliding? Which of the two can keep your mattress in place when sleeping?

6.Non-sliding properties

What I have found out from my research is that the Zinus Smartbase frame slides quite a bit over time.

The mattress stopper that accompanies the frame works slightly well for the foot area, but it doesn’t eliminate the issue. You may have to place a non-slip rug beneath the mattress if the Zinus is your preferred bed frame.

On the other hand, Olee’s design features slats connected slightly lower to the outer frame. So, the structure keeps your mattress in place.

Verdict: Olee frame’s design will prevent your mattress from sliding around.

What if you want to attach a headboard, will either frame work?

7.Headboard attachment

As I mentioned earlier, the Olee frame has pre-drilled holes. So, yes you can attach a headboard on either frame.

You’ll have to get the right dimensions for the headboard so that it fits the holes at the best positions. The whole process may require brackets because they prevent wobbling and provide the headboard with extra support.

One good thing is you can purchase the brackets in most e-commerce stores.

The best thing would be to inquire from the sellers and manufacturers before you get universal brackets because the frame may require specific brackets.

Zinus have their own for their frames that are sold separately, but you’ll have to find out from them if this frame attaches to a headboard. The frame looks ok as a standalone without the board.

Verdict: Olee frame has pre-drilled holes for headboard attachment.


Well, to avoid noise you’ll have to fit the screws, bolts well. You can always use adhesives such as Blue Loctite to secure the joints so that they don’t loosen and create noise.

Verdict: Both frames can produce squeaks if they aren’t assembled properly. 

I believe both frames work well for people with average weight (less than 200lbs) and those who are slightly overweight.

The frames are durable and easy-to-maintain.



If we look at the points raised in this post, then the Zinus smartbase is the winner. And this is because of its 5-year limited warranty.

Another good thing about Zinus is it works well with foam and hybrid mattresses. And you can easily disconnect it for storage if you have limited space.

The Olee frame isn’t bad either because it keeps your mattress in place, so it prevents sliding. It can support you well if assembled properly. And it also has holes for a headboard attachment.

Bottom line: you can clean your room, move the bed and even change your bedding without difficulty as opposed to placing your mattress on the floor. And a bed frame makes your room look grown-up.

If you have chosen your ideal bed frame, take a look at these mattresses and find a full-size one that can work for you.

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